Monday, January 10, 2005

First I want to say thank you Santa Monica for an incredible run. Cavalia did an amazing 9 weeks of shows. It has been a while since I wrote, mainly because I have been out straight with no time to sit still. I've tried to keep up with my emails, so if you haven't received a reponse yet, it will be coming soon. I am now back in Orlando resting up for the trip back to Scottsdale. We open on January 25th. The horses are off to a nice ranch to relax and be horses for a couple of weeks. I need the time to recuperate my body and mind. It has been a whirlwind. I just wanted to say how flattered I am when anyone calls me the Xena of Cavalia. She is an amazing character with power, beauty and brains. So, being compared to her is quite the compliment. Everyone keeps asking about my New Years. Well, I had an incredible time thanks to the Victorian and the Mor Bar. After our show on the 31st, we went to the Victorian on Main Street and had a wonderful dinner with presents from the producer. We all received these leather Cavalia Tour 2005 jackets. After the dinner made our way to the best bar in Santa Monica, Mor Bar. The bartenders are the wildest and funnest I have ever seen. Dana Danejerus and Melicious rang in the New Year 2005 with an incredible party. They are the hottest bartenders I have ever seen behind the bar. Lauren and the girls, thanks for the VIP treatment while we were there. We also celebrated our 300th show (on Jan 30th our 2nd show.) I'm proud to say I haven't missed a single one of the 300 shows. After each show I am usually physically and emotionally exhausted, but I perk right up and love it when someone says "there is someone here who wants to meet you...". It makes me feel good to know that someone appreciates what I do enough to want to meet with me. Thank you. I will miss Santa Monica. The celebrities were exciting to see too. Larry King, Owen Wilson, Larry Hagman, Betty White, Ted Dansen, Bruce Greenwood, and Kevin Costner. I got to meet Kevin Costner when I was in Paris at the Wild West show there as Annie Oakley. It was cool that I got to perform for him again. Bruce Greenwood was so nice too. He came up to me in the VIP tent and said "wow, the things you do are incredible." Betty White has been to show the show like 4 times! What a sweet lady. I also had the pleasure of giving Cristiana, one of our hardest workers in the stable, a roman riding lesson. Every day I walked in the stables I would see her smiling face and how much she loves the horses. I took her and her grandmother, June Lockhart into our warm up area and had Cristiana up on my roman team of Hollywood and Bandit. She did 4 rounds at a walk as I explained what to do and what to look for as she rides with a foot on each of their backs. It was such a thrill to hear the excitement and joy from her and June. I even gave her a DVD of her "ride" so she will never forget it. Special thanks to all of you who came to the show and said hi. Don't be shy either, I have more people email me and say "I saw you in the stables and didn't want to bother you.." Don't be silly, jump right in and say hello. Thanks to David Carradine and Annie for having us for Christmas. It will be a day we won't forget. (I still can't believe I met a man who I adored when I was growing up, "Grizzly Adams", Dan Haggerty. He is quite the character and an amazing man. He was there with his son, along with many other celebs and friends.) I spoke to my husband today and he said it has been raining the entire time they have been tearing down the big-top. It is sunny and beautiful here! Well, I hope all of you in Santa Monica and the rest of the 308 shows we have performed, keep in touch and let me know what's going on. (email me at I'll try and answer as much email as possible. Thanks again Santa Monica and Hello Scottsdale/Phoenix. Time for an overdue jacuzzi bath and massage. ahhhhhhhh.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe