Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tommie rocks Downunder!

Well, I finally got a chance to get my head above water. Where should I start? I've got some great photos of Tommie in Australia. Tommie was hired to perform at the Spirit of the Horse Show in Perth by a friend of ours, John McNeil. Tommie had been speaking to a trainer of a horse named Ari. He was told he could lay down, sit up, and would stand still for the most part. Since Tommie only had 2 days to prepare the horse and it was improbable to bring Pokerjoe, he took on the challange of performing the comedy act, roman riding, and a finale liberty act with horses he had never seen or worked with before. The show was a succes with over 12,000 people showing up to see the show. Below is a few photos from the show, of Tommie and Dan with Ari, the Australian Aborigines who also performed in the show, and Tommie signing his photos in the program book. The producer was very happy and is planning a tour for Australia and New Zealand in 2008. The event was held at the beautiful Burswood Entertainment Complex and Casino and contained all types of disciplines and acts. Ari's trainer, Dan was also in the show and performed with Tommie in the finale. We are looking forward to going back to Australia in 2008. Special thanks to Giddy for assisting Tommie while in Perth. Tommie took her sky diving as a special thanks! We can't wait to have her back here in the states.
Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe