Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We just returned from a week in Las Vegas and you are probably wondering why we went. Well, of course we went for business. We're looking for opportunities to be there for the NFR and to make a deal with a hotel/casino to produce a show. We've had lots of requests to do a TV show and a live horse show like we have with "Night of Amazing Horses". We just need to find the right venue to be able to produce both. Well, that was the main reason, BUT while we were there, Tommie and his girlfriend, Karen Jones, got married!!!! My husband and I got married in Vegas in 2006 when we were in town for the NFR. It was awesome. They got married at a quaint little place, the "church of the old west" and they looked fabulous. Check out the photos below. Tommie's best man was Josh Lyons and I was the matron of honor. We had an incredible time. So, for most of you this is probably quite a surprise. Karen Jones, now "Karen Turvey", well I go by Karen Turvey-Marshall, so there could be a bit of confusion. Tommie has spent most of his life telling people that "Karen" is his sister, will now have to explain that Karen is his wife and Karen is also his sister. We stayed at the Venetian and basically went to every casino on the strip. Vegas is growing by leaps and bounds. City Center is looking like a monster. It is going to be a world on its own. Just when you think Vegas is at capacity, they build a hotel bigger than anything else. We had a great dinner at the House of Lords at the Sahara, and at Delmonico at the Venetian. Delmonico is Emeril's steakhouse. My husband's parents also came out to Vegas to see us and have a fun week as well. Ann and Roland are so much fun. It was great to spend Roland's birthday with him. He turned 75 and shows no signs of slowing down! Ann usually does slots, but when we were explaining roulette to her, a guy at the table had here place his chips and try her luck. She hit a 35-1 and then a 17-1. It was a bit hectic, but I think she got the idea of it. Well, we are now back and putting together more stuff for 2009. Tommie and Karen are really happy and things are looking great. We're looking forward to our final shows of 2008, The Central Florida Horse Expo, Paso Federation Horse Show in Jacksonville, the Regina Agribition Show and the AZ Horse Festival. They are also re-running his 2 episodes on RFD-tv on November 11 and 18. Gotta ride... Take Care. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karenTommie and Karen got married!Tommie and Karen Turvey!Here is the Chapel just as they get ready to tie the knot!Here is Jamie and I at the Palazzo fountain.Here we are arriving at the church with Jamie's mom and dad.Josh hooked Tommie and Karen up with this cool stretch Hummer. We cruised the town in style!

This is the view from our room on the 28th floor of the Venetian. (They also have a DARK OUT curtain which makes the room pitch black! I love it!!)Here is a great shot of Trump Tower. I can't wait til the casino pops up. What a beautiful blue sky! We love Vegas.

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe