Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tommie Turvey and Pokerjoe

Tommie and Pokerjoe during a personal warm up in Jacksonville. Pokerjoe was the headliner during the annual, Dinner in the Dirt performance. Posted by Picasa

Tommie and Jeremy pose with one of the birds in the show. Thanks for the great time at SeaWorld. We were given a tour of the training facility and saw how time consuming it was to ready for the shows and the amount of training it takes, but after talking with Jeremy, he wouldn't trade it for the world. They understand that it isn't the final result you are looking for, but the reward of the daily improvements and successes which make working with animals worth every minute of it.  Posted by Picasa

Here we are at SeaWorld. Jeremy gave us a tour of the facility and we got to meet Cassy. She is a false killer whale. They are found off the coast of Japan and are very rare. We got to meet her up close and see how intelligent she is. In the photo is Giddy, Lori, Eirean, Jen, Tommie, Me, Jamie and of course, Cassy. Posted by Picasa

Jeremy performs with Cassy at the whale and dolphin show at Sea World in Orlando. This is a great show that you gotta see when you go to SeaWorld. The use of acrobats, non-stop action, and no narration is great. It reminds me of how we set up Cavalia. We wanted the action and music to set the mood. Great show Jeremy and crew! Posted by Picasa

Craig Cameron gets a ride on Tommie's roman team, Joker and Ace during the Florida Equestrian Celebration. Craig explained that it wasn't as easy as it looks! Thanks to Craig for making the expo a fun and interesting event. We are looking forward to next year. It keeps getting better.... Ride Fast.. Take Chances! karen  Posted by Picasa

Tommie has Giddy, our newest intern, show how to lay down his Mustang, Blade during a demo in front of an audience at the Florida Equestrian Celebration in Jacksonville, FL. Posted by Picasa

This is the Chariot and Chariot Horse Trailer. I just want to say thanks to Guardian Horse Bedding. We love their bedding and use it exclusively at our facility and on the road. The boys love it in the trailer. If you notice, we even use it to hold up the tongue of the chariots. It is a nice tightly packed product, compact enough to travel with and save space. Also, thanks to Rich at Graphic Signs in Sterling for the awesome artwork on the trailer. It rocks! Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen  Posted by Picasa

Here is a great photo of me and my Morgans racing around the arena. They love to run! They are only 3 years old and are very sleek and beautiful. They loved the Jacksonville show as we performed during Dinner in the Dirt and the Bull Riding Blowout. Ride Fast... Take Chances! Karen  Posted by Picasa

We just finished a busy weekend. Tommie Turvey was a featured clinician and entertainer at the Florida Equestrian Celebration in Jacksonville. I will discuss the show later, but I want to get out some great photos of all the fun we had while we were there. Here, Jon Wearley and I practice the Gladiator Chariot Race in the outdoor arena. I'm driving Zeus and Apollo and Jon is driving Caesar and Spartacus. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen turvey Posted by Picasa

Tommie teaches how it is done.

Tommie puts his methods into action by showing everyone how he gets the laydown, bow and sit up out of his horses. By using the correct tools and techniques, you can easily get your horse to laydown safely for you and your horse. Here he shows how his horse Joker is relaxed and quiet while he waits for the cue to "sit up". Tommie's methods are small, step by step, actions which anyone can apply in their training. This was from a demo in Novi, Michigan. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rolling down the road into 2007

Tommie Turvey has been non-stop on the road, performing shows and clinics. We thought 2006 was a good year and 2007 will be even better. Our schedule is booking up solid and Tommie is becoming a household name. He is headlining the biggest shows and he still works his schedule so he can do even the smaller more intimate shows like Novi. Tommie really loves to inspire people and explain his methods. It is no-nonsense and simple things most people can do. We break down a lot of the myths most people have about training horses. Tommie has taken horse training to a new level with discipline, consistency and trust. It is magical to watch him and his horses. Whether it is during a clinic, a demo or seeing him perform, you will be inspired. To see what can be done with discipline, consistency, and trust. You'll see him at everything from horse expos to rodeos and even at our facility in Sterling, IL. One event we know we won't be at in 2007 is Equine Affaire. So don't go to Equine Affaire in Columbus or Springfield hoping to see Tommie at the Pfizer Fantasia, he won't be there. We had a lot of people in Novi say they went to Columbus the past 2 years hoping to see Tommie again, but were disappointed when he wasn't since they don't publish who or what will be in the show. It's no wonder why the biggest horse trainers including Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Josh Lyons, etc. aren't at EA anymore. I guess they think they can have anybody and draw the same crowds. Time will tell. We are really excited about the PA Horse World Expo in Harrisburg and the new show they are doing in Syracuse in May. If you are anywhere near these shows, you have got to go and see Tommie and I. We will be there in 2007 with our own special brand of training and entertainment. We also want to thank our major sponsors; Wahl Clippers, Absorbine Products and Guardian Horse Bedding. They have been very supportive with National Ad campaigns featuring Tommie, providing incredible products which we use and believe in, and for making what we do possible with their support. See you down the road. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen Posted by Picasa

Giving the Horses a drink on the Road

We stopped at Metropolis, IL to give the horses a rest and fill up on gas. Here, our apprentice Lori along with our newest intern from Australia, Giddy. We are on our way to Jacksonville and warm weather, also a stop at Disney, Arabian Nights, and Dixie Stampede in Orlando. But only after the show in Jacksonville.
Ride Fast... Take Chances! Posted by Picasa

Here is Tommie as we head down the road. We stopped in Metropolis, the home of Superman. Things have been incredibly busy lately, but it's all part of the business. I'll write more about all that's been happening as soon as I can.  Posted by Picasa

We are on our way to Jacksonville Florida for the Florida Equestrian Celebration. Tommie will be performing with Pokerjoe, Joker, Ace, and his Mustang, Blade. I'll be racing the chariots in the Great Gladiator Chariot Race during the bull riding event Saturday Night. There will be lots of demos and clinics with lots of fun stuff. If you are in Florida or Georgia, you'll have to come out and see us. Get ready to Ride Fast... Take Chances!  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tommie gives a clinic on getting the laydown from your horse featuring Joker. He also performed the Riding Instructor, Roman Riding and jumping fire, plus a beautiful Liberty Connection with Ace. People really got to see the relationship Tommie has with his horses. Posted by Picasa

Tommie gives a training clinic on how he gets the most from his horses. Here he is with Ace at the North American Horse Spectacular outside of Detroit, MI at the Rock Financial Showplace.  Posted by Picasa

Here is our booth at the North American Horse Spectacular. This has been a great weekend. Tommie Turvey has gotten an incredible welcome here. The clinics and performances are standing room only. Thanks Novi. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 10, 2006

Here is Tommie and Joker at the Spirit of the Horse Arena where he got up close and personal while talking about training and his horses. The response was incredible. Thanks to the people of Toronto for their support.  Posted by Picasa

Tommie Turvey performing with Ace and Joker during the Toronto Royal in front of a full house. It is two weeks of equine and agriculture at the Direct Energy Centre and Ricoh Arena in downtown Toronto, Canada. Posted by Picasa

Tommie gets a guest spot on Toronto's Breakfast television. Tommie brought in the Breyer model of Joker and then got the host to try his hand at roping. Posted by Picasa

Tommie Turvey and Joker sitting and waiting for the media event to start at the Royal in Toronto. Posted by Picasa

Here is Tommie on his way to the Toronto Royal (also known as the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair) with his horses. He travels every mile with his horses.  Posted by Picasa

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe