Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PA Horse World Expo

I just want to say what a fantastic time we had in Harrisburg last weekend. Tommie and I were at the PA Horse World Expo to be in the nighttime show, "Theatre Equus" and to do educational demos during the day. The response was incredible. This was my first time performing here, so it was quite a thrill. We put on an exciting chariot race with our new chariots. Here is a photo from the show. I'm the one in white! My boys, Zeus and Apollo were great. They are true warrior horses. I had their new bell and splint boots on from Bar F. They blink colors with every step they take. It was cool! Maximus is passing me in the photo, but I got the best of him. Caesar and Spartacus are pretty fast too. They are a very strong team and love to run full out. For those of you who came out to the sold out shows THANKS! for the support. It was a great show also featuring good friends of ours, Matt McLaughlin with an awesome dressage routine, Gudmar with his cool Icelandic Horses and our very own Lori Miller skiing behind a horse. It was her first show and she was perfect. The entire weekend was a great success and alot of fun. I'll have more photos and posts soon. Until then, RIDE FAST... TAKE CHANCES!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wahl Clippers

I just clipped up the chariot horses and wanted to find more info on the new clippers I just bought from Wahl. It is called the "Switchblade" and it is awesome. It is a corded clipper and it it really easy to hold, cuts ANYTHING, and is very quiet. I love my Arco for trim ups and training, but the Switchblade is my favorite. I can't wait to use it on my doggie. While on the Wahl site you will get a different photo each time you visit or click "refresh". I saw this cute puppy and then it was Tommie and Ace for the Tough Enough to Wear Pink, and then Tommie and Nevada Joe.

We have the pink clippers at our store and we'll have some in PA. I'm sure Tommie wouldn't mind signing them for you, and it is for a great cause.

We'll have to get Tommie's mustang, Blade in their too with the "SwitchBlade".

Ride Fast... Take Chances!


Snowing and Training

Looks like the snow is hitting the fan everywhere! We got about a 6 inches of snow, but the wind is making 3' snow drifts. We are just getting the last minute stuff ready for the PA show next weekend. We have a cutting show and a Fjord show here at the facility over the next two weeks, so it will be lots of fun in the snow! We have been moving snow all day. Then wind blows it back and we push it back again. I wish I had a snow sled for the horses to pull us. That would be fun. I know Caesar and Spartacus would love it. We are just getting the Tack and Apparel Store organized. That has been a project in itself. We are setting up a new inventory system. plus changing the mix of product we will be selling. At Denver we found a bunch of cute shirts with sayings like "Rodeo Girl University", "Cowboys Lie" and "Don't Trust Cowboys". These are great for valentine's day. We added more fashion cowboy hats and clothes in addition to our own line of "Equine Extremist" Shirts and Hoodies. We just added these really cute "extreme" work out pants. I'll try to get them on-line or stop by the booth in Harrisburg,PA to see them. They are cool. The intern program is going great. It is awesome to have such incredible people who truly love horses. Giddy, our Australian intern is wonderful. She always has a smile and is ready to work at any time. Being at this facility she could be cleaning stalls, shoveling snow, counting inventory, or getting bales of hay and she does it with tons of enthusiasm. That's why she has been put to the task of working in our acts next week at the PA Horse World Expo. She will also be traveling to the Nebraska Expo to help Tommie as well. The best part is that she will be able to work with Tommie when he heads over to Australia for shows over there. Go Giddy!
Lori is our rock. She is our hands on horses girl. She has been apprenticing for Tommie and I and she will be at the 1 year point next week. She'll make her performing debut at Harrisburg as she will be performing in the show. In one year she went from intern to performing with Tommie and I. That's quite a feat and she deserves it. Our roster for the intern program is getting full, but please don't hesitate to send your resume if you are interested. We don't choose just on skill or experience. We choose on desire and heart. Tommie and I started working with horses because we wanted to be there. We watched trainers and riders for hours just so we might get a chance to ride. We would clean horses, clean stalls, and polish tack just for the 5 mins we would get to ride. Once we got on the horse we were in heaven. We would play games and see if we could accomplish what the trainer or rider who was on the horse did. Tommie always took the horse that someone said was "unride-able" or "crazy", not to prove them wrong, but to give himself a challange and get the results he wanted from the horse. We have a lot of people that come to us to train their horses. We can do that, but the key is to train the rider/owner to get the responses from their horse. There is nothing better than seeing progression when working with horses. It seems like it would great to buy a horse already trained, but you also have to be trained as well. You have to know the cues and touches and the best way to learn is to be the one who does it. Don't be a hurry. How long do you plan on having your horse? Yes it does take time, but Tommie and I done it like this all our lives. We don't train 8 hours a day or even 1 hour a day. Most of our time is spent caring for the horses and about 30 mins training a horse or a team. Remember too, that when you groom a horse, exercise a orse, or ride a horse, YOU ARE TRAINING THEM. We train the basics like ground tying, whoa, and movements while cleaning stalls, in the wash rack, or saddling. You can hear more about this at Tommie and I's demos in PA. Stop by and say hi. I''ll be listed under the demos for "Doug Sloan and Cynthia Royal". They cancelled so I'm going to fill in. Get your questions ready!
Well, gotta go gang the snow is piling up and we'll have to get up early to move it out of the way. Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tommie and Joker

Equine Extremist, Tommie Turvey and Breyer Model Horse, Joker put on some speed at the Florida Equestrian Celebration in Nov 2006.
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Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe