Thursday, February 28, 2008

PA Horse World Expo 2008

Here is Tommie Turvey performing with Pokerjoe in "the Riding Instructor" comedy act at the 2008 PA Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, PA. We just got back from the PA Horse World Expo and had an incredible show. First, we need to thank Bob and Denise for producing an incredible show. There is no doubt that this show is the best equine expo in the country. Where else can you see the best clincians and equine professionals, shop at the best vendor shops, and see an exciting show all under one roof! We've been to bigger shows, but this one is the best. We couldn't ask for better crowds. Everyone comes to celebrate and learn about the horse, and we hope to inspire them to do more, be more, and all in all to just have fun. Tommie had a lot of fun with his best friend and fellow trainer, Josh Lyons. They have the most entertaining demos and were always having fun. We got so many great comments from people who really enjoyed Tommie's demos. Our booth was swamped every day. Tommie signed so many autographs and Joker Breyer Horses, I think his hand was going to fall off. After the show on Saturday, Tommie got swamped in the arena by fans getting his autograph. I was getting the props put away and saw this sea of people crowding around him. He signed every program and picture until the last one was there. Here is a photo of Tommie and Josh Lyons signing autographs after the show. This year we had a friend of ours, John Laughingwolf to perform original indian dances with full costume while his sons did a traditional hoop dance. It was an awesome addition to the show. Matt McLaughlin performed flawlessly with dressage, while his horses Pecos and Corral looked great. Josh Lyons showed the crowd he can rein like the best of them. Flash hit his marks and spun and stopped on a dime. Texas trick rider, Austin Anderson, his girlfriend Pamela, and Leanne Pollick performed trick riding and mounted shooting in the style of the old west. Austin spun his six shooters like a true cowboy. They are always fun to work with. Lynn Palm and Diana Beuchert also performed with their beautiful horses as well. Our assistants, Lori and Giddy were part of the show too. They roped alongside Tommie as well as performed an act with fire bolos. We also celebrated 2 years of Lori being with our team.(Yea!) Tommie performed his fast action Roman Riding, Bridle-less riding & Liberty, comedy act with Pokerjoe, trick riding and roping, and on Friday performed a fireburn on horseback. It takes a lot of concentration and trust to perform and ride while you are on fire while riding a horse. He has performed the fireburn while roman riding, but this time he wanted to slow down the action and show how calm and trusting his mustang, Blade could be. This was the first time in front of an audience with Blade, so it took a lot of preparation, plus we got some great footage for our upcoming television show.
Well, we just want to say thanks to everyone who came to see us at the show. Your support really helps us keep doing what we're doing.Tommie did a morning tv show, several magazines, and this interview during the PA Horse World Expo.
Tommie gives a demo on his training during the expo. Here he shows the incredible relationship he has with his black and white Paint horses, Joker and Ace with Liberty and Trick Training.

Tommie showed how he has been working with two Rocky Mountain Horses. Our assistants, Lori and Giddy took them out in the arena and had them lay down very calmly. Tommie even rode by High Roller to see what he would do. They are the most willing horses I have ever worked with. These are 2 year olds with only 60 days on them. They will be up for sale soon, check our website if you interested in getting one of these wonderful horses.
During Tommie's demo in the Equine Arena (pictured above), one of Tommie's favorite students, Lizzie and her pony, Toby showed everyone how she now rides bridle-less and even jumped a fence while bridle-less and bareback!(Click here to watch her video) She is such an inspiration as she rides with only the horsehair neck rein Tommie designed. The arena was packed with standing room only as Tommie introduced his friends, horses, and even his red heeler, Maverick, who promptly fetched a soda from the cooler for a few audience members. Tim Farley, a friend of ours from our Arabian Nights days and the son of Walter Farley, who wrote "the Black Stallion" was there promoting the "Black Stallion Literacy Project". Tommie and I worked with them and toured doing shows in Texas and Arizona for kids who were inspired to read because of horses. Tommie also had a chance to talk with Dr. Anna Marie from the Weather Channel. She is also a friend from our days in Orlando as well. It was nice to see everyone and how things have evolved over the years.
All in all, we were incredibly busy, but we had time to go and visit our friends in Harrisburg after the show Saturday Night. It was nice to get away for a few hours and relax with great food and wonderful hospitality. Again, thanks to you all who have supported us through the years. Liz, Annette, Mark, Lizzie, and Hopefully we'll see you next year, discussions are in the works already for 2009. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tommie Turvey Feb 2008 Clinic

Tommie Turvey and his students successfully lay down the horses during the 5 day clinic. The participants came from PA, LA, WI, TN, IL, and MO.

We just finished up a 5 day clinic at our facility, Double G in Sterling, IL and then we had a 3 Barrels Productions, Barrel Race on Saturday, and today it rained and flooded everything. Now it is freezing and everything is a sheet of ice. Tuesday, we leave for Harrisburg, PA and the PA Horse World Expo. We also spent 4 hours today booking our Spring and Fall line of Ariat merchandise for the store. We have lots of shows this year and need to keep up with the new styles and fashions. For the PA show, we'll have a new DVD, belts, boots, cool hats, nice and warm hoodies, Joker Breyer Models, and lots more. Come see us if you are in the area.

The clinic Tommie put on was a lot of fun. Here are photos from it. Richard successfully lays down his horse using Tommie's techniques. The other students also brought their horses and worked on everything from liberty, groundwork, tricks, and riding. Each person worked on their goals as well as helping them discover new ways to work their horses. Tommie helped them gain insight on how he would work on a problem and broke it down step by step.

Cindy gets her horse up on the pedestal and communciates her actions and direction through body language and verbal cues.

Bonny's horse, Val lays down as her horse calmly relaxes under them. Her horse had been to several trainers without success, so she was very happy that Tommie was able to have her horse lie down after 2 days. Bonny said Tommie is truly a horseman who knows how to read horses and gets them to do things typical trainers can't do.

The girls have a little fun with Tommie! As you can see it's not all about learning, its about having fun, reaching goals, and learning the important things to improve your horsemanship skills.

We leave for the 900 mile trip to PA Tuesday, so I'll try to get some info and photos of the show while we are there. Talk to you soon. Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nothing but COLD COLD COLD

Oh my! It is -1 here and with the 40 mph winds it is unbearable!
Tommie and I are getting ready for the upcoming PA show and we also have a 5 day clinic here at the facility. It will be cold but our indoor facility is a nice 40 degrees. Perfect for training! We had the chariot horses, the Rocky Mountain Horses and our riding horses out to pasture and had to bring them in. It should get to -30 tonight. The horses love it outside, and we know people who will keep theirs outside, but we have a place to bring them in, so we don't make them tolerate it (which most horses will!). We bring them in and stall them inside until it gets back to 30 or higher. We've been digging out from the past 2 snow storms along with freezing rain and ice. Everything is frozen solid. I can't wait until we get a training facility in the South. We can train up here in the spring, summer and fall, but when winter comes, I want to be in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, well, let's say anywhere it doesn't get weather like this. We are currently talking with sponsors and it looks like everything is on track for 2008 and 2009. It is so time consuming with the facility, store, merchandising, marketing, training, riding, booking, videos, website, and the horses. We are looking to add more staff and depts as we continue to grow. I just wanted to say thanks again to Claire and John at Guardian Horse Bedding. Due to the weather and backorder of bedding over the winter, we just ran out and aren't getting a load until next week. I called them up and without hesitation they got us set up with 2 pallets. I drove up the their farm in Rockford and not only did they hook us up with enough bedding to get us by unti the order arrives, they even helped load each bag on to the truck. That's just another reason we love Guardian Horse Bedding. Not only do they produce the best product, but the people are willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. Thanks for the "pin" too. Now I've got to get the facility plowed out from snow and drifts, plus get storage ready for the 14 pallets of bedding coming. We just finished post production on the dog training video. It's how to get your dog to fetch a drink from the fridge. That is the one trick that people can't believe. So, Tommie put together a video to show anyone how to do it step by step. It's really fun. Well, my to-do list is quickly getting longer so i better go while I can. Hope to see you all in Harrisburg, PA in two weeks. Keep in touch. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Here is Maverick getting a beer from the fridge. He is 2 years old and does it really well. It is usually hard to train a young dog to do complicated steps other than sit, shake, etc... He gets really excited, but he gets it. Check out our site at

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe