Monday, January 16, 2012

Tommie is at the Denver Stock show

Tommie will be at the Denver rodeo for the dancing horses with the symphony plays the music as well as performing at the rodeos. We'll also be at Breyerfest again this year. We always have a lot of fun there. People love to see Joker and Pokerjoe, previous Breyer models and hopefully they will make Ace, Blade, the Black and Odd Job Bob into Breyers too!

Ride fast... Take chances! Karen

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

It's already 10 days into the New Year and things are off to a great start in 2012. Tommie will be performing in Denver, PA Horse World Expo, Breyerfest, PRCA Rodeos, State Fairs, lots of clinics, Night of Amazing Horses Shows here in Florida and of course, the IAFE Convention and NFR/Mandalay Bay Marketplace in Las Vegas; plus lots more added in between. We had hoped to get back to a few places again since last year, but with the schedule sending Tommie from coast to coast, it is tough get him in two places at once! We are looking forward to working with new shows this year along with the shows that we return to year after year. It is your support that keeps Tommie and his Amazing horses coming back and setting records year after year. We still have a few dates open in 2012 and are also booking into 2013. This year should be a good year for feature films as well. Tommie has a few movies on the horizon, so that will keep him on the road quite a few days. Don't forget, if you are interest in getting Tommie to your event or hosting a clinic, please call us at your convenience. We can usually work around most budgets and events. We are not just a rodeo act or boring clinician. We strive to be the best entertainment and education you will find with many facets. From comedy to fast action to Liberty to fun and of course extreme horsemanship. Nobody steals the show like Tommie Turvey does. He will make your event a real success with his numerous acts and showmanship style. So, we are working making 2012 a great success and try to get to as many places as possible. See you in 2012 and keep in touch! Ride Fast... Take Chances!  karen

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wow. It has been since May that I posted last? Where has the time gone? I guess having a new born and another on the way has a way of stealing your time away. Just to update everyone, we are loving Florida, even the hottest week here is better than coldest hour in Illinois. I am so very happy.
Tommie has been busy working on movie projects, talking with sponsors, and planning our 2012 attack that barely a moment goes by without us on the phone, taking care of the horses, or at the computer. I have the 20/20 rule. 20 mins work, 20 mins with the baby, and repeat. The baby loves going to the barn with us. She is just enthralled with horses and dogs.

Here is a great shot of Tommie and Ace. This was taken by Steve Priest photography. He is good friend of Tommie's and takes incredible photos. Tommie and Chantal have been on the go putting together training programs, clinics, and productions. It's crazy with all the things going on, but it's just another day with Tommie. You really have to work extra hard if you want a life with horses. The time and expense is the most inhibiting, but we have a lot of great things going. Since we've been down here in Florida we've found that the hay is not the best. We give our horses all the hay they can eat, but they still were not getting the nutrition they needed, so we started to add feed to the their diet. The Ultium by Purina has really helped them get back on track. They look great and feel great. With Ultium you don't feed as much either, so you save on expense. Up north we hardly grained at all, in Florida we add it to all the horses diets and thanks to Purina, we know they are getting what they need. Want to see the difference for yourself? Do the Purina 60 Day Challange.
Don't forget, "the Greening of Whitney Brown" will be out 11/11/11 and on DVD in December. It will make a great gift! We are looking for more horse movies like this to be made. We really need to do a remake or similar of the "Black Stallion". Where the horse is the main character in the movie. Go to for the trailer or our youtube page.

I gotta run, the horses and baby is calling! Ride Fast... Take Chances!  karen

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tommie performing at his "Night of Amazing Horses" in Brooksville

After returning from a Tour that brought Tommie to Atlantic City, NJ for a PRCA Rodeo; a 2 day show at the University of Arkasas; 3 day show in Madison, Wisconsin at the Alliant Energy Center for the Midwest Horse Fair, and a one night show in Del Mar, California for the "Night of the Horse" show, Tommie performed in his own back yard with his horses and long-time friends and incredible performers, Matt McLaughlin with his Andalusian Stallions and Caroline Williams with her liberty horses. Tommie performed his 6 acts which included his horses Pokerjoe, Joker, Ace, Blade, Ceaser and Spartacus along with his dogs, Maverick and Cutaway. Matt McLaughlin wowed the crowd with his 3 stellar dressage, garrocha and cowboy dressage acts. Caroline featured her 2 black and white horses along with her mini for a circus liberty act, while I performed with Tommie with the chariots. It was a heck of a show. This is our first time at the Hernando County Fairgrounds and we were blown away by the support of the community. It was a full house with many of them waiting after to meet Tommie. We are planning to do another show in the fall, so keep checking our mainsite or sign up for our mailing list.
Tommie shows why he is the best of the best when it comes to Roman Riding. His speed and agility is second to none and his horses are an incredible looking pair.
Tommie opens the show with a hello and a greeting from atop his movie horse and mustang, Blade. It is quite the accomplishment for a horse to be in 5 movies and TV shows in the past 3 years.
Thanks to Steve Priest for the amazing photos.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Atlantic City NJ PRCA Rodeo

The first PRCA rodeo to hit the BoardWalk in Atlantic City! Barnes Rodeo pulled out all the stops and got the best of the best for this event with legendary NFR and Rodeo announcer Bob Tallman and some of the best stock in the business. Tommie performed with his 4 horses at each show. His new act, "the Cowboy", is a huge hit and features Blade and Tommie's Heelers, Maverick and Cutaway. Here is a shot of Tommie right before the first performance. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Equifest of Kansas Expo

This was our first time at Equifest in Wichita, KS. It was an amazing show. Lots of nice people and horse community. Jared and Debbie Beam did a great job with the show. Hope to be back next year. We're on the road heading back to Florida. Ride Fast... Take Chances! Karen

Saturday, January 08, 2011

the Walking Dead on AMC

For any Walking Dead fans, here is Tommie Turvey with his horse Blade and dog, Maverick. Blade was the unfortunate horse who Rick rode into Atlanta in the movie. Most people ask Tommie why Blade had to get eaten by Zombies instead of just running away. Most people look at us in shock and say "Blade got eaten? That's horrible." Well, he is alive and well and travelling the US with Tommie and Chantal right now. You may have seen him in the Rose Parade. He was Roman Riding Joker and Ace, Mike Loades from the history channel was riding Pokerjoe, Stuntman Blade Pocquett was riding Blade, and Sammi Hanratty from "the Greening of Whitney Brown" was riding Odd Job Bob (Of Course!). We also had Cinderella's carriage pulling a few VIP's. It was really an incredible experience. With all the tv coverage and media there it was a huge event. There was more coverage for this parade than the entire 2 weeks of the World Equestrian Games. Well, 2011 and we are off to a flying start! Keep checking our website for the show schedule. Tommie will be EVERYWHERE in 2011. Ride Fast... Take Chances!     karen

Tommie Turvey Roman Rides down Colorado Ave with his Paint horses, Joker and Ace followed by his horses, Blade and Pokerjoe with Special Guest horse, Gypsy Vanner "Odd Job Bob"

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe