Saturday, April 05, 2008

Manitoba Winter Fair

Tommie is up in Canada as we speak. I am in Sterling to keep this place running. He said they closed the road from Winnepeg to Brandon due to a storm, so he had to stop down with the horses for 10 hours until they plowed and opened the road. It is amazing what can happen on the road. Tommie is currently putting together a book on trailering which will not only cover the things you may need, it will the cover the decisions you may have to make. Tommie has been stranded on highways, out of gas, blown tires, no power, high heat, below zero weather, no lights on his truck and trailer, and so on. His wealth of knowledge on traveling and transporting horses is incredible. He really knows how to travel safely down the road. Most of the time it isn't what will happen, it is WHEN will it happen.
Here are some photos from the show, the Royale Manitoba Winter Fair in Brandon, Manitoba. If you saw Tommie there, leave a comment and let us know what you thought.
As you can see, Tommie did lots of interviews each day of the fair. Canadian media really supports their events.

Tommie practices roman riding in the main arena in Brandon, Manitoba.

Here is a great shot which shows the relationship Tommie has with his horses. This is with Ace, an eight year old black and white Paint horse. Hope you enjoyed the show.
Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe