Monday, July 19, 2010

Front Entrance

Here we are coming out of our new facility. Karen

On the way to our new home

During our latest trip to our new place. We stopped for a rest and water break. 2 pintos, 2 haflingers, and 2 rocky mountain horses. Ride fast... Take chances! Karen

New Facility

We have been looking for a new training facility for us and the horses and we finaly found it! 70 acres of pastures, 2 barns with 30 stalls. Indoor amd outdoor arenas, 3 houses, and fully fenced and gated. It took over a year of searching to find the perfect place, but patience pays off. It is in Brooksville, Florida. I'll have more info as soon as we get settled in. We have been making the move over the past 2 months from Double G. It is 1250 miles away, so it's quite a project to move our entire operation.. We just brought 6 horses to the new place and have 9 more to bring down. It is a great location for clinics and training, plus really beautiful to shoot the tv shows. This photo is of the front entrance gate of the 20 stall barn. We're on our way back to Double G to finish packing the offices and bring more horses. I'll keep you posted. Ride fast... Take chances!

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe