Sunday, July 20, 2008

Awesome Cover of Tommie Turvey

When we did PA Horse World Expo in Feb. there was an awesome cover of Tommie and Joker doing the hippodrome (not Roman Riding as they say in the "explanation" of the photo.) What makes it really nice is that all of Joker's feet are off the ground! At that second, Tommie is putting all his trust into Joker, and as you can see Joker is pouring it on. He is such a fast horse. Tommie buzzes the audience as he flies around the arena. People really get to feel how fast Tommie and Joker are going when he comes inches from them.

Well, gotta get back to the horses. We're going to do the obstacles and a short ride today. Cees and Sparks are headed back to their previous owners, so I thought I have a few more times with them. I'll update you when I can. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Friday, July 18, 2008

Back home and working on new projects

Here is the legend himself, Bob Barnes with Tommie. This man has seen it all in rodeo and after seeing Tommie perform in Lincoln Nebraska, had to have Tommie for a series of his rodeos. Tommie was honored to work with Bob and his crew. They sure know how to run a rodeo. This next photo is the working guys of the show. Here is Tommie with the announcer, Kelly Kinney, clown & barrelman Brad "Wild" Hair, and stock man John Barnes. Tommie got a nice photo of his "boys" while the sun was setting. This was just a week ago and Cutaway has already grown a few more inches! (L to R - Maverick, Cutaway, and Bandit)
On his way back from Spooner, Tommie stopped for some good food and wings at Hooters in Janesville, WI. He did say the wings were the best he has ever had and the food was excellent as always! Thanks girls. Meow kittens.... Look who's smiling now! Here is Tommie with Ace an Joker as they smile with funnyman Brad "Wild" Hair. Looks like Brad has joined the ride fast... take chances club. If you've even seen his car act, you'll know why!
Tommie just did the PRCA Rodeo up in Spooner, WI with Barnes Rodeo. Tommie loves it because he gets to hang out with a bunch of great guys. Brad "Wild" Hair was there too and they always have lots of fun. Brad and his entourage will be stopping by our facility for a few days to layover and rest for the summer tour schedule. I've added a few photos below with Tommie and his friends. We've got a lot going on here, getting the finishing touches done on the Pokerjoe Breyer Model, more video and editing for the TV Show, and of course, the horses. We gotten most of our horses to a nice point in their training and are looking for good owners. Cees and Sparks are headed out next week. They are the awesome father/son team we got. Anyone can ride Cees, he is awesome. Tonto is our pinto mustang and then we also have two Morgans; Zeus and Apollo; I think they are 5 and are really nice horses for riding. We are training 5 Rocky Mountain horses too. They are incredible to work with. We'll have them available for sale soon. They are more than ready and way ahead of their age in trianing. Just fantastic horses! (Don't forget beautiful as well!) Anyone interested please let me know. Time for me to go and ride the chariots. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thank You to Everybody!! "Night of Amazing Horses"

There are so many people we need to thank for helping make "Night of Amazing Horses" such a success! We were filled to capacity and everything went really well. The Family fun day got a great response from the public with the Moon Bounce and Rock Wall/Slide, the Sinnissippi Gun Club doing the Wild West re-enactments, the wagon rides by Troy Capp, the paintball challange and the all the kids games, there was fun for everyone! The water for the dunk tank was really cold, but Katie got in it for a few dunkings! We worked really hard to make it fun and enjoyable, so we hope you got a chance to stop by and say hi.
We got a lot of behind the scenes stuff for our TV show and executed the show really well. Tommie performed in 5 acts and we also had Lizzy Traband with her Pony, Toby perform her bridleless routine, the Midwest Renegades did their exciting drill, Annette showed off her dressage and jumping skills with Trekaner stallion, Sonset Sieger, Wayne Williams and his wife, Pat did a tribute to Dale Evans and Roy Rogers, Cassie J. performed her flawless sharp shooting and vaulting routine, and our dad Tommie Sr. and Rich Brunner put on the characters of Pancho and Lefty. We love to perform and best of all it was right here in our own backyard. The show was about 1 hr:40 mins long, so people got a chance to hit the fireworks display in the area. Again, thanks to everyone who helped out and made it a successful day and to all the sponsors who helped make it possible. The community support and attendance was awesome. Now,to put put on my clinic Aug. 2-3 here at Double G. Sensory and Confidence training! More info to come or go to for more info. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe