Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today is Turkey Day and we're enjoying our day off with lots of Turkey. Tommie is going to try his hand at a deep fried turkey. This should be fun. I've never had one, so I'm cooking a bird the traditional way just in case... Taters, gravy, stuffing, corn, cranberries, and lots of snacks will round out the day. We watched the parade and now hanging out watching football. It is extremely windy here today and that means it's cold! There is not a cloud in the sky, but it is almost unbearable outside. Our intern program is going good. We have a great student who is really taking initiative. She takes care of the horses and is learning about our business. Seeing it and being here first hand is the best way to learn. My chariot team is coming together really well. I was going to take the boys on a ride today, but it is just too cold outside. Sugar Cookie is doing well. We have been lungeing and working her. She really loves to work. We have a sursingle on order and hope it gets here soon so we can step her up to the next level of training. We have a lot of ideas for her in a show. She is such a sight, but really hard to keep clean. We use the Absorbine Whitening shampoo to make her shine, but it has been an uphill battle. I discovered the Sante Fe Coat Conditioner by Absorbine and I just spray it on her after the shampoo and it keeps the dirt at bay. She was dirty the other day and we just brushed her and she looked as good as new. She's a big draft horse and washing her is a chore, so something that helps keep her looking good is a blessing. Thanks Absorbine! The roan mustang, Clip has been doing really well. He is taking on the training very well. Saddling and riding is just around the corner. We use lots of patience and consistency to keep him moving in a positive direction. We have 2 more mustangs and will be working with them too. Pokerjoe, Joker and Ace are doing great. They were the stars of the show in Jacksonville. The Florida Equestrian Celebration was a fantastic show. My brother, Tommie Turvey performed there last year while I was with Cavalia in Santa Monica. This year he performed in the Dinner in the Dirt and did 5 clinics, including a couple of clinics with Josh Lyons. This show had the most top national trainers I have ever seen under one roof. Linda and Pat Parelli, John Lyons, Gawani Pony Boy, Lynn Palm, Josh Lyons, Curt Pate, Phil Rogers, Julie Goodnight, Steve Bowers, and Maria Zudnic. We also had our booth, so it was a non-stop weekend for us. We have already received tons of email from people who saw the show and are interested in training and the Performing Academy. Lots of people want to make an act they have better or put together an act they have been dreaming about but didn't know where to start. I would like to thank Carolyn from Winnie's Cookies. We gave away lots of there samples after our clinics. I asked a lot of people what they give their horses for treats and I couldn't believe some of the answers I got. Well, Winnie's is healthy and good for your horse. I haven't met a horse yet that wouldn't eat them. As a matter of fact, they are the only treat I've found that smells good enough to eat. Speaking of smells, I have been training my horses and am still wearing "Brandy" perfume. It is a wonderful fresh scent that doesn't detract from my training. I think my horses love it and know me just by the smell. We sell it now because everyone was asking where they could get it. Dillard's, JCPenney? Where? Right here! It doesn't get in the way when you are training or riding. I loved it the first time I used it and now use it every day. My "night time" perfume is Samsara by Guerlain. I have been wearing that for about 14 years now.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Paying Respects

My brother, my husband and I flew to Orlando for Kerri's services. It was incredible on the amount of people who came to pay their respects. The service was beautiful, complete with her saddle, photos of her, her family and her horse, Navar, and a formal horse drawn coach to her final resting place. It was a somber time, but everyone hugged, cried and remembered her smile and energy. She affected and touched a lot of people and our family. She may be gone from our lives, but Kerri will never be forgotten as she will live in the hearts and minds of others, who will strive to become the wonderful and caring person she was.
They had an article in the paper talking about her life and her horses with a beautiful picture of her and Navar. You can see her smile and the gleam in her eye, just how everyone remembers her . You can read the article here.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe