Friday, May 29, 2009

Lots of learning and fun at the Sensory Clinic!

Here is Lori with a horse we have in training, High Power. He is doing very well. He was pretty buddy sour and pushy, but Lori has worked with him over the past 45 days to get him responding and respectful. Lori worked with him to get through most of the obstacles on the first day and then got him quietly and safely through all of them on the second day. He really wants to please the rider and loves the attention.

This is Lizzy Traband and her pony, Toby. She was at our facility for the Night of Amazing Horses Show and then participated in the Sensory Clinic. She is an incredible rider and has a great relationship with Toby. Toby is not an easy pony either. He has a bit of stubborness to him. Most ponies will let kids do whatever to them. Toby has his own agenda sometimes and Lizzy will see it and doesn't let him get away with it! She has quite the training ability.
I recently hosted a Sensory clinic here at Double G with students and their horses. This is where you expose your horse to many different distractions and obstacles. It is a great way for you to understand and work your horse in a controlled environment and see what and how you and your horse will react. Most riders will have a tough time at first, but with a little coaching, confindence, and coaxing will make it through the obstacle. I see many people who say their horse won't do it, end up riding through it with a little confidence and try. Believe me, a horse can ride over a teeter board, go through a wall of barrels, or push a rolling object, it just takes a leader to let them know they are going to get through it safely and have fun doing it. There is nothing better than your horse not understanding how to cross a scary water crossing or tarp and then with correct encouragement gets over it and goes through it with no problems. You give them a rub and a happy "good boy" and they know they did good! They are always looking to the leader for praise and guidance. The sensory clinic really gets people and their horses on the right path and the confidence that they can do it!

Here is a few of the students and their horses as they work the courses. I got quite a few calls to do another clinic, so I added a new Sensory Clinic for the weekend of June 27 & 28. If you would like to come and participate and learn with your horse, contact me at or checkout the website at or

Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Thursday, May 28, 2009

IJRA Rodeo here at Double G

We host many shows here at the facility. We have a big indoor arena which seats 1800 people and an outdoor arena plus 208 stalls for horses. We just hosted the IL Jr Rodeo Association. We have been doing this the past 9 years, so we love having them here at our place. It is K-8th grade kids, so this is where the kids get started in rodeo. It's awesome and the're a great bunch of kids. This is something that needs to be supported and continued. I know that kids who are brought up with this type of responsibility and challanges grow up to have good character, hard work ethics, respect for animals and good sportsmanship.
See you next year kids! Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Home for Apollo!

When we went to perform in Murfreesboro at the AQHA Quarterfest we brought along Apollo, one of my first chariot horses, who was being picked up by his new owners. I raced him and Dakota in the chariot race on Friday to give him one last run in the spotlights. He did great! The new owner was there and saw the show. They are from Texas and will give him a wonderful home. It was truly sad to see him go, but knowing he is in a good place with caring people and a job makes us feel better. We are very selective on who we allow our horses to go to and we had many wonderful opportunities for him. Apollo is such a great horse and to see him doing so well after a couple of weeks is awesome. They said they love to ride him bareback and he has been driving the cart really well. I'm looking forward to hearing about all the awards and ribbons he will win at the shows. He is a beautiful Morgan horse who is very calm and forgiving. Kids love him! Thank you to all who responded regarding Apollo. I just wanted to share a few photos which they sent me. Thank you for giving Apollo a good home!
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I love this photo, Apollo looks so happy! You can tell he loves to drive!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Update on Dolly

Hey everybody. We just finished a show we put on last night at our facility here in Sterling, IL. It was a great night and a fantastic turnout. As I was getting ready to post an update on the show, I was sent an old photo of Tommie, me and Dolly performing at Arabian Nights in Orlando, FL. They asked about Dolly, who now lives with us and is in retirement. This is Dolly in her heyday! She now loves being in the pasture, but her latest duties include being a good buddy horse for students, plus being a good friend and mentor to the little filly we have here on the farm. At her age of 26, she is doing very well. She worked every show at Arabian nights and Tommie and I worked with her just like you see in the photos. So, to let you all know she is doing well and still being active with other horses. She's should be in the hall of fame for performing horses!
Well, I've got to get back to my Sensory clinic. I'll have photos to post in a day or so....
Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen
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Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe