Monday, April 17, 2006

Del Mar Night of the Horse

April 22 is the “Night of the Horse” Show in Del Mar, CA. Tommie is performing during the show with 4 different acts featuring Pokerjoe, Joker, and Ace. We will be working with Erik Martonivich and Alethea Shelton, Olympic Style Vaulters who I worked with while we were on Cavalia. Sabine Shute/Kerri will be there performing a dressage act and a 2 horse tandem. We love working in Del Mar. It is a beautiful place with lots of sun, sand, beach, and great horse people. I performed there last year under the big top during Cavalia and Tommie did the Night of the Horse twice before that. We will be in Del Mar Wednesday, and are currently driving through Texas on our way! It is a 3 day trip with the horses and we make sure they are comfortable and cared for. We also travel with our 4 dogs and 3 person crew, so it is quite the haul. We have lots to do when we get there with the media and such, so the next two weeks are going to be hectic. I hope to get some spare time for a few quite moments with husband and doggies.
I’ll talk to you more once we get there.
Ride Fast… Take Chances!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Here I am (Karen) on Ceasar at our "confidence course". It is a great way for them to get used to things and overcome obstacles. We had a great sensory clinic and we tuned up a lot of horses to get ready for the riding weather like we had today. Hope to see you all here soon! (Photo by Kay Fellows) Posted by Picasa

It got to 72 degrees today, so Tommie and I were outside working with the horses. Here is Tommie and Ace with just a neck rein and a cue stick to communicate. What an incredible connection they have.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here I am teaching one of my students, Riley, during our Sensory Clinic. It was a great learning experience for her and her new horse. It gave her and her horse a lot of confidence to tackle the trails and more serious riding. Posted by Picasa

Tommie Turvey and Breyerfest Celebration Horse, Joker answer questions during a clinic. Posted by Picasa

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe