Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Arrival to the Facility

Tommie picked up three new additions to our stables. Tommie picked them up from Van Bert Farms in KY. They are Rocky Mountain Horses and are 1 year old colts and a 2 year old mare. They are going to be some really nice trail horses and riding horses. They will be a nice chocolate color with blonde manes. Tommie will be putting them through their training regimen over the next couple of years. Tommie also video taped a segment on RFD-TV's Natural Horse Vet with Dr. Dan. Tommie is really interested in checking out the Natural Horse products. We'll put them through the paces and see how they stand up to our expectations. This will be a lot of fun working with them and working with Natural Horse Vet products. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Friday, September 21, 2007

Olathe Kansas

We are here in Olathe, Kansas celebrating 150 years of history in the old west. We are set to perform this weekend. It is going to be awesome. This place is like going back 150 years in time. The building, encampments, food, and clothing are like stepping back in time. We'll be performing Sat and Sunday. We got in and set up this afternoon. Tomorrow and Sunday we have an intro, demo, and show, so it'll be a busy weekend.Here Lori and I are setting up the horses in the barn, just like they did 100 years ago.
We are ready to roll. Tommie will be performing 4 acts, a demo, and a special in the "wild west show." Our interns are having fun too. It's a lot different than Las Vegas that's for sure, but the common bond is the horse. They are truly universal. Gotta sleep. See you tomorrow.
Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe