Saturday, December 17, 2005

Pokerjoe and Tommie make their exit to a roaring crowd after their performance of the "Riding Instructor" at the 2005 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. 2005.(See the monitor in the bottom left corner!) Posted by Picasa

NFR 2005

Tommie Turvey gets his gold buckle at the GoldCoast after the 9th perf at the 2005 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas from NFR rodeo announcer, Boyd Polhamus. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today is Turkey Day and we're enjoying our day off with lots of Turkey. Tommie is going to try his hand at a deep fried turkey. This should be fun. I've never had one, so I'm cooking a bird the traditional way just in case... Taters, gravy, stuffing, corn, cranberries, and lots of snacks will round out the day. We watched the parade and now hanging out watching football. It is extremely windy here today and that means it's cold! There is not a cloud in the sky, but it is almost unbearable outside. Our intern program is going good. We have a great student who is really taking initiative. She takes care of the horses and is learning about our business. Seeing it and being here first hand is the best way to learn. My chariot team is coming together really well. I was going to take the boys on a ride today, but it is just too cold outside. Sugar Cookie is doing well. We have been lungeing and working her. She really loves to work. We have a sursingle on order and hope it gets here soon so we can step her up to the next level of training. We have a lot of ideas for her in a show. She is such a sight, but really hard to keep clean. We use the Absorbine Whitening shampoo to make her shine, but it has been an uphill battle. I discovered the Sante Fe Coat Conditioner by Absorbine and I just spray it on her after the shampoo and it keeps the dirt at bay. She was dirty the other day and we just brushed her and she looked as good as new. She's a big draft horse and washing her is a chore, so something that helps keep her looking good is a blessing. Thanks Absorbine! The roan mustang, Clip has been doing really well. He is taking on the training very well. Saddling and riding is just around the corner. We use lots of patience and consistency to keep him moving in a positive direction. We have 2 more mustangs and will be working with them too. Pokerjoe, Joker and Ace are doing great. They were the stars of the show in Jacksonville. The Florida Equestrian Celebration was a fantastic show. My brother, Tommie Turvey performed there last year while I was with Cavalia in Santa Monica. This year he performed in the Dinner in the Dirt and did 5 clinics, including a couple of clinics with Josh Lyons. This show had the most top national trainers I have ever seen under one roof. Linda and Pat Parelli, John Lyons, Gawani Pony Boy, Lynn Palm, Josh Lyons, Curt Pate, Phil Rogers, Julie Goodnight, Steve Bowers, and Maria Zudnic. We also had our booth, so it was a non-stop weekend for us. We have already received tons of email from people who saw the show and are interested in training and the Performing Academy. Lots of people want to make an act they have better or put together an act they have been dreaming about but didn't know where to start. I would like to thank Carolyn from Winnie's Cookies. We gave away lots of there samples after our clinics. I asked a lot of people what they give their horses for treats and I couldn't believe some of the answers I got. Well, Winnie's is healthy and good for your horse. I haven't met a horse yet that wouldn't eat them. As a matter of fact, they are the only treat I've found that smells good enough to eat. Speaking of smells, I have been training my horses and am still wearing "Brandy" perfume. It is a wonderful fresh scent that doesn't detract from my training. I think my horses love it and know me just by the smell. We sell it now because everyone was asking where they could get it. Dillard's, JCPenney? Where? Right here! It doesn't get in the way when you are training or riding. I loved it the first time I used it and now use it every day. My "night time" perfume is Samsara by Guerlain. I have been wearing that for about 14 years now.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Paying Respects

My brother, my husband and I flew to Orlando for Kerri's services. It was incredible on the amount of people who came to pay their respects. The service was beautiful, complete with her saddle, photos of her, her family and her horse, Navar, and a formal horse drawn coach to her final resting place. It was a somber time, but everyone hugged, cried and remembered her smile and energy. She affected and touched a lot of people and our family. She may be gone from our lives, but Kerri will never be forgotten as she will live in the hearts and minds of others, who will strive to become the wonderful and caring person she was.
They had an article in the paper talking about her life and her horses with a beautiful picture of her and Navar. You can see her smile and the gleam in her eye, just how everyone remembers her . You can read the article here.
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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Kerri Baker

I don't know where to begin... We lost a wonderful friend Saturday night. She was a horse lover, school teacher, a mother, and a very giving person. She was always full of energy and ideas and would do anything for anyone. It is a tragedy to lose anybody, but the shock of losing someone as wonderful and caring as her is devastating. She was looking forward to our Jacksonville Florida show in 3 weeks and planning the weekend so we could all get together. She was the person who introduced my husband to me back in 1998 in Orlando which I am thankful for every day. I guess life isn't fair, life is life. You just have to live it to its fullest. Keep reaching for your dreams, dreaming new dreams, and keep your loved ones close. We never know where our life will take us, so we have to take life where we want it to go. Sometimes it is the most wonderful exciting place in the world and other times it is days like today when you hear the news of the passing of a friend. She was a family friend who shared the same passion of horses as we do. No one knows exactly what happened or how it happened with her horse, but as unselfish as she is, it was giving the children something special for Halloween. It was a tragic accident and a shock to us all. As I get teary eyed calls from all her friends I can only ask that we pray for her and her family; Tim and her daughter, Paige. Bless her God and give her family the strength to carry on through these days. She will be missed in our hearts as she brightened our lives. It is a sad day. A very sad day for those who knew her and those who never will.
We love you and you will always be in our hearts.
Kerry Baker - Oct 15, 1971 - Oct 29th, 2005
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

National Finals Rodeo 2004

Posted by Picasa My Brother, Tommie and I at the 2004 NFR in Las Vegas. Little did we know he would be back here performing at the final 2 shows in 2005!

Going to the NFR!

Tommie got his PRCA card to work at rodeos in 2004. He worked a bunch of rodeos around the Midwest and Eastern States since then and received incredible praise where ever he performed. We went to the NFR last to watch the rodeo, but this year Tommie will be performing at the biggest show in rodeo; the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. We have a show in Raleigh, North Carolina the weekend of Dec. 2-4, and then we head off to to NFR on a 2,300 mile journey with Ace, Joker, and Pokerjoe. Tommie and his horses will be performing in the 8, 9, and 10th performances of the Rodeo which is the final 3 events with the BIG money winners. It is an incredible honor to be part of the NFR and we are getting ready to make a big splash in Vegas. We went last year to the Showman's Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton while my husband and I were working with the Cavalia horse show in Santa Monica. We hung out with a lot of great friends from our circus days and wild west days. Then they have the PRCA convention for it's members and then the NFR. We took a quick flight from LAX and were in Vegas in no time! I love Vegas. Three of our friends who were also in Cavalia are based out of Vegas now. Eric Martonivich, Alethea Shelton, and Pierre Luc Silvain. Eric and Alethea are doing great with their vaulting. I talked to him the other day and he told me that "Comet" (the big draft he rode in Cavalia) was doing great. Pierre Luc who was the main acrobat in Cavalia, is now in the mega-production of "KA" at the MGM Grand. He is an incredible acrobat with a great stage presence. I have pictures of him when he started in Cavalia. He was a skinny little short-haired acrobat. In the past 2 years he has built pure muscle, grew his hair out, and learned how to "awe" an audience. He is now a true performer. I can't wait to see him in action. I've got a ton of projects I'll be working on including some of the best performance teams in the industry. The next big project after the NFR is our Equine Academy of Performing Arts. We will be offering a 3 part training course on what we have been doing for the past 17 years; entertaining on horseback. Our curriculum we be revolved around creating personal acts and teaching what it takes to have a spot in the equine show business. We'll have levels for everyone since we get tons of email from people wanting to live out a fantasy and perform a trick riding routine or to hear the crowd cheer as they perform with their horse. We'll also have intermediate courses on teaching what you need to do to develop a memorable routine and an advanced course which involves everything from ideas to a polished act ready present to the public. I am scheduling upcoming clinics to help already established acts like the Canadian Cowgirls, The Riata Ranch Girls, and Ohio Top Hands Drill Team. Our goal is to set your dream in motion and help you reach it with our experience and know-how. Keep an eye on our website for more info in early 2006. We are also starting our intern and apprentice program at our training center. It's a great way to learn from the ground up. I did it, Tommie did it and we feel the only way to appreciate and always strive for more is to start at the bottom and learn EVERYTHING. We learned the right way AND the wrong way, but were adept enough to figure it out and keep finding better, faster, easier ways to work with horses. Not only do we have to teach our horses, but we have to teach ourselves, and teach an audience. It is a never ending task, but a rewarding one. Every night when I do a final check on our horses, I make sure each one is content and knows I am there. I will say their name and quietly say goodnight. What a rewarding feeling. Email me if you are interested in the school or the intern program at I'll send you the application and information.
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Here's a photo I just dug up when I was in Santa Monica with Cavalia. She is, Dana the "World's Most Dangerous" bartender. I miss the fun times we had there at the Moor! She is an avid horsewoman too! If you're ever in SM, check out the Moor Bar and you'll know what I mean. I know a lot of bartendar's, and Dana is the best. This was taken on New Years 2005.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Here is a great shot of Tommie Turvey with the world famous, Pokerjoe during the "Riding Instructor" comedy act. It really shows the fun they have performing. Posted by Picasa

Here is Tommie Turvey with his horse Ace, the legendary "horse whisperer" Monty Roberts (far right) and Canadian horse trainer, Chris Irwin (far left) during the Can-Am International Horse Expo Sept 05 in London, Ontario, Canada. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Everyone has been asking about photos of my doggies. Here they are! They travel with us everywhere we go. From Maine to California to Florida and tomorrow to Canada! They are well travelled doggies.  Posted by Picasa

Here is my brother Tommie and I (Karen) during our interview for the Rick Lamb Show at the Wahl Clippers booth. Rick is a wonderful host and made us feel very comfortable during the interview. Posted by Picasa

Here is Tommie Turvey with his best friend and world class trainer, Josh Lyons with his two boys, Austin and Johnny after the Pfizer Fantasia Show in Louisville, KY. Posted by Picasa

On the Road... Again

We are packed and heading out to London, Ontario for the International Horse Show. We are featured with Monty Roberts "the man who listens to horses" and Chris Irwin. The show starts Thursday and runs until Sunday, so make sure if you are in the area to stop in and see us. Tommie will be in the show Fri, Sat, and Sunday along with demos during the day so you can hear his thoughts on how works his horses. We have been working hard trying to get everything here in order, but it seems like a bottomless pit! Believe me it is wonderful to have so many opportunities and friends and fans, but it can be overwhelming! We have been non-stop for the past six months and it has only been getting bigger. Shows from everywhere are contacting us to perform and put on training clinics for them, hundreds of individual people want clinics, and sponsors are talking to us everyday to help us promote their products. We aren't in a big hurry, so we can afford to take our time and make the right decisions. We want our shows and clinics to be the best and most inspiring to people. We want to work with sponsors who have products we use and LOVE. Our integrity means everything in this business. People say that they can see the love Tommie has for his horses and how they love him. The same goes with how we want the people who see our shows or attend our clinics feel. We want our endorsements to reflect the fact that we care for our horses so much, we use this product. You can use any product, but we have taken taken the time to find the one that works right for us. So, It may seem like things are crazy here, well... they are, but I love the excitement and the unknown that the future holds. Our basic mission statement is to "put fun into horse training and make it an experience, not a training session".
Wow, time flies.... Gotta pack for the trip tomorrow. See you all on Monday! Keep the emails coming.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tommie Turvey and chariot designer, Jon Wearley, test out the chariots at the Wahl Equestrian Center, Sterling, IL. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tommie Turvey gives Linda Parelli a roman riding lesson during the 2005 Savvy Conference in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Posted by Picasa

Savvy Conference and Equine Affaire Louisville

We are recovering from the past two weeks of shows. The first was the 2005 Savvy Conference held in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It is the training facility of Pat and Linda Parelli. The Savvy Conference is where 2000 of Parelli people get together and have a fun filled weekend. This year they hired Tommie to perform his comedy act, roman riding act, and liberty act during the conference. It was incredible. The views of the mountains were breathtaking and the people were so receptive of us. It was a thrill to be part of such a successful program. The Parelli staff, Sue and Neal were the best. We had everything we needed all weekend. It was long days though. From 7am to 7pm Fri through Sunday, but well worth it. We met many wonderful people and some who had seen Tommie before and who actually came to the conference once they knew he was going to be there. There were people from all over the world too. I spoke to quite a few from California and Seattle who saw me and remembered me from Cavalia. One lady told me I would be the spitting image of the girl she saw in Cavalia. That's because it was me! Pat and Linda were so gracious. They had a reception every night for us and made sure we had everything we needed. Their horse training business is quite the operation. On our trip to Colorado we hit Wolf Creek Pass, about 30 miles from Pagosa, and it was closed until 7am. So, we had to go back a mile and stay overnight at a hotel until the pass opened in the morning. We're talking with them about the 2006 Savvy Conference to make it even better than this one. Hmmmmmmm. That will be fun!
As soon as we got back from Colorado, we headed out to Louisville, Kentucky for the first Equine Affaire held there. Tommie was in the Pfizer Fantasia Night Show and did demos during the day to educate people about his style of training. We had a fantastic turn out for us. Tommie's demos were standing room only and people couldn't get enough. They love to see how he interacts and gets the most out of his horses. We also hung out with our sponsors. Northeast Conversions, who make our travels down the road and enjoyable one. Their trucks are exactly what makes the drive easier, enjoyable, and comfortable. With added features like a GPS so we know our route, can easily find gas stations and we,ll never get lost, a dvd player for the second driver to relax and pass the time, folding back seat for the second driver to sleep, Sirius Satellite radio for uninterrupted music, news, and comedy, cameras so we can monitor the horses, hitch, and reverse, an electronic braking system to soften the stops for the horses, comfortable captains chairs for the passenger and driver, not to mention the truck is custom painted and dressed up to turn heads as you pass by. Dave and Doug are the two guys at Northeast Conversion that will get it done the way you want it. They even deliver it to you on a flatbed!
Wahl Clippers were in the booth next to ours demonstrating their clippers. That helped give us more "space" on the floor. Guardian horse bedding was there too. I haven't found a better horse bedding than Guardian. Two things bedding has to be: 1) good for the horses and 2) easy to clean. Guardian scores a 10 on both counts. We had a booth across from us that had this incredible smelling saddle soap. (Tack cleaner). I love the smell of candles and aromatherapy stuff, so I quickly ran over there and wow! I never thought of that before. Most tack or leather cleaner smells like "leather" or chemical. This stuff (M.O.S.S.) smells great and cleans leather incredibly well. Now I can keep my tack clean and smelling great. Tommie won't admit it, but I know he will notice the difference. The sandalwood is heavenly. I'll find a link and let you know more. I got a bunch for us to use on our own tack and leather. Absorbine wasn't there, but we used the heck out of their grooming products to keep Joker and Ace clean. We gave away a ton of coffee mugs and shirts that Tommie signed. I think Tommie signed about 1000 photos, shirts, dvd's, and programs. It was a long weekend but very successful. It was nice getting to see Terry Myers. He's one of those people you like to be around because of his radiant personality. He is always smiling and cordial. There were other friends of ours there too. Clinton Anderson was in the booths next to ours, Cleve Wells, Monty Roberts (who we will be doing a show with in two weeks), and John and Josh Lyons who stopped by to be at the Bobcat booth. Josh and his wife Jana are here with us until this weekend. We've been having lots of fun and throwing lots of ideas around. It has been so hectic. We unloaded 300 bales of hay this morning, trained horses, cleaned out the trailer, did office work all day long, and I am just finishing up with this blog. Thanks for being patient with my updates, but things are going great. Email me at if you have any questions. Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Here's Tommie Turvey with his trick horse "Pokerjoe" and Queensland Healer "Bandit". (Tommie is the one with the sunglasses.) photo by Kay Fellows. Posted by Picasa

Training Horses

Things have been really busy for me. I have been working with a new team of horses to put with our new chariots. They are Caesar and Spartacus. Father and son. 9 and 5 year old quarterhorse bay geldings. Spar has two white socks and a snip on the nose to add a little more color than his dad. They are good natured, but haven't been worked in a while. We see a lot of potential in them as a roman riding team too. They will even turn out better than my Cavalia team of Bandit and Hollywood. Bandit was the troublemaker on that team, but I think C and S will get along fine and work together really well. They look really nice. I'll get you photos as soon as I can. What can I say about "Sugar Cookie". Everybody who sees here falls in love with her. She is a rare breed and has this beautiful gentle look about her. (Don't be fooled though, she is a BIG draft horse who uses her size to get her way sometimes.) We are working on her manners and lots of ground control. When we start to work her in the round pen or on the lunge line she is little stand offish at first, but once she gets those big legs moving, the fire starts to burn and she gets all excited to work. She's a lot of horse to keep clean too, but we use a great shampoo from Absorbine (Superpoo) that keeps her clean and soft. I have been working on her show looks, taking care of her mane and tail with the Absorbine "Sante Fe" Detangler/Conditioner and trimming her up with our WAHL StablePro Clippers. This will enhance her beautiful mane and tail. I'm trying to get her mane to part on both sides. I think that will look beautiful under spot lights. A nice shiny coat, hoof polish and shimmery mane and tail. She's got so much potential. Tommie and I would love to do a bareback routine on her, just like we did together at Arabian Nights. She is also a nice driving horse. A friend of ours developed this cool new cart he calls the millenium cart. She will also be a favorite at any event, parade, or clinic. She has quite a history too. I'll publish her story on the website soon. She is destined to be a show horse!
Tommie has been incredibly busy working and training horses. He works everything from colts to wild mustangs to his own trained horses. He has been non-stop every day. In addition to training the ground work, he still has to add in the trick training. With all of the horses, he trains about 6 hours a day with the other 10 hours doing the cleaning, shoeing, washing, sweeping, and office work. He is constantly on the phone when he isn't training. You will never see him on the phone or chatting with someone when he is training. He wants to make sure he keeps the bond between him and his horses so there are no distractions so he can reach the goal he set for the day and be done. He really believes in only training what is needed. Giving the horse a way to do what is asked and then rewarded by being left alone in the paddock or stall to be a horse. Horses have such a keen sense and memory. They remember the good and bad things that happen, so that's why I like to give my horses something good to remember before I put them away with plenty of praise and pats. They really understand your voice, emotions, and body language. That's why we don't use treats to reward good behavior or as a reward for doing a trick. It creates a bad habit of the horse looking for treats or even biting at your pants pocket. We usually notice this from horses who are well trained but a bit pushy or disrespectful towards their owners. We want the experience of the training to be a loving one for the horse, where your excited voice and emotions are what he/she enjoys, not just about food or treats. Horses are grazing animals who eat any chance they can, so we give treats only when it serves a direct purpose. We know some trainers or owners who give treats after each trick, but we believe for most people it will create another problem and takes away from the loving caring relationship you should be developing.
Time to get back to work. Thanks for all the emails and questions too. I try to answer them all, so be patient. We have lots of cool stuff on the horizon including new t-shirts, sweatshirts, and training gear. Get ready all you "Equine Extremists" out there! Time to Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rescued a Little Dog

Recently driving home in Clermont I drove down my road by the lake and saw this little dog hopping on three legs in the middle of the road. My first reaction was the doggy got hit and was running away scared. With all the development in the area the road was quite busy with traffic and it was 5:00pm to boot. I drove up about 10 feet behind the pooch and he kept hobbling along in the middle of the road, so I quickly stopped my car in the middle of the road, put on my flashers, jumped out and ran to get the doggie out of harms way. In the 30 seconds it took for me to catch the pup, the 6 or 7 cars behind me started beeping their horns and two of them drove around my car in the left lane and flew by me and the pup with no regards to what was happening. I guess they were in such a hurry to get home after a long day at work. I'd hate to imagine what would have happened if those cars would have gotten to the doggie before I did. The lady directly behind me gave me a nice wave to let me know she didn't mind waiting the extra minute to save the dogs life. We brought the dog to our house to check out, but he didn't seem to be in any pain with his leg. We then drove the neighborhood asking if anybody knew the dog. After about an hour we saw this couple who lived about 300 yards down the road where I picked the dog up, crossing the street and looking around the bushes. As soon as we drove up the ladies face went from concern to pure joy! They told us the dog had a bad leg from birth, so we were happy that it wasn't hit by a car. They thanked us and said I was an "angel" watching over their dog. They were worried because of all the speeding traffic going by. After we left, I had this really good feeling inside. After thinking about it, it was pretty dangerous doing what I did, but sometimes instinct takes over and you have to do what you have to do for someone or something that can't do it for themself. I have two doggies and hope someone would do the same if they were in the same situation.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Here is the latest addition to our stables. She is a beautiful American Cream draft horse. She just makes you smile when you see her. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Got a chance to take a breather!

Sorry it has been a while since I added to this journal, but I was without internet for 4 weeks and now we're getting ready for more shows in August and Sept. We have lots of exciting stuff in store. I was helping build our new roman chariots at the fabricators. Jon Wearley designed them and had them built here in Florida. I can't wait to take them out and race them! They are a lot of fun. We now have to train 2 teams of horses to pull them around the arena. It is hot hot hot in Florida. I guess being on the west coast for a year and a half made me forget about the incredibly hot weather, but I love the sun and the water.
We have lots of stuff going on an I promise to fill you in as the week goes on. (Now that I'm sort of caught up and ready to start working and training horses again.) Time to hit the road for my morning run. Photos to come!
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Wahl Clipper's famous wild mustang, "Nevada Joe", his current owner Diane Purcelli, and Equine Extremist Tommie Turvey at the Wahl Equestrian Center in Sterling, IL. (May 2005) Posted by Picasa

Here is "Nevada Joe" and Tommie relaxing in the sun.  Posted by Picasa

Here is Tommie with "Nevada Joe" at their home at the Wahl Equestrian Center in Sterling, IL. Before "Nevada Joe" went to work with theraputic riding kids in Montana, Tommie showed that even a wild mustang can have fun! With only a few days to work with him, Tommie got "Nevada Joe" to laydown and be comfortable enough to turn over on his back. It takes a lot of trust and knowledge from a trainer to get a horse to do this. "Nevada Joe's" current owner, Diane Purcelli, was amazed at what Tommie had accomplished with him in just 3 days. Tommie was confident enough with Diane that she could continue with "Nevada Joe" and get him to do the same. She said the last trainer who tried to lay him down ended up with each of them almost getting hurt, so she gave up on the idea until Wahl asked Tommie to put his techniques to the test with "Nevada Joe". I guess that's why Tommie is the resident trainer and director of the Wahl Equestrian Center. Tommie is really excited about the new mustangs and is looking forward to the new challange. (Photos by Dustin/Wahl Clippers) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Here are four of the wild mustangs that are the new residents of the Wahl Equestrian Center. BLM Wild Mustangs. The yearling Paint is on the lower left and the new Buckskin is in the center. Cindy and Connie from Double G are the adopters of the other two in the photo. Posted by Picasa

Here is one of the new wild mustangs we adopted from the BLM. He is a 3 year old buckskin gelding. He is a true "spirit" of the wild mustangs.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 08, 2005

BLM Adoption this weekend

This weekend we have the BLM Horse and Burro Adoption at the training center. Wahl sponsored the event which will give up to 60 mustangs a new home. We looked over the horses and picked out a 1 year old Pinto, the same colors as Pokerjoe. We also found a nice 3 year old bucksin with black mane and hocks. He's very beautiful. It was amazing to watch these wild mustangs. They look and act like regular horses, but are much more protective and a lot more animated. They watch your every move and use their numbers as a pack to keep you at a distance. I wanted to take them all home. They were mostly underweight and had scars from life in the wild. Our Pinto came from the wilderness of Oregon. I didn't get a chance to see the brand on the Buckskin, so I'm not sure where he came from. You can tell these guys live a hard life. Not knowing where their next meal is coming from or if they are going to make it to tomorrow from the predators. Our family has owned many wild mustangs, so I understand the challange they possess. Most horses are bred for their temperment and look. Mustangs are the wildest form of a horse. You don't know what you are getting, where they came from, and what they had to go through since they were born to make it here today. They are also an incredible source of inspiration. Looking in their eyes gives a whole new meaning to caring for a horse. It is a big responsibility and with any horse takes a lot of patience, understanding, and time. With Mustangs it is that times 100. We have quite a challange ahead of us with these two new additions to our stables. I'll keep you posted on their progress. We're going to have a contest with WAHL on naming one of them, so that should be fun. Tommie was supposed to be updating this blog too, but he has been extremely busy. He is performing at a rodeo in Decora, IA this weekend with Three Hills Rodeo. The company has been growing by leaps and bounds. We have putting together the business plan and goals, editing training videos, scheduling training, talking with sponsors, and adding needed processes. Just trying to keep up with what is coming in is tough enough, then you have to plan for growth and target your energy to the most goal achieving parts of the business, even when it isn't as fun as riding or training. Tommie is an incredible entertainer and clinician, where I have been concentrating on the business and training. His appeal is amazing. Millions of people have seen his Absorbine commercial and are interested in his training. We are looking at a number of projects to target Tommie's talents. He hasn't had a week off this year, except for the week we went to Cancun. We get calls from shows we have never heard of to perform or give a clinic. Tommie's name is getting around and his popularity is skyrocketing. He will probably blush when he reads this, but he deserves all the recognition. He has been working horses and entertaining since I can remember. (...and I grew up with him.)
We head to Clinton Anderson's place to film for RFD TV, so keep you eyes open for that, and then head to the North East for a private clinic, Delaware State Fair, and PRCA Rodeos in Maryland. Time to go check on the mustangs. I'm sure they are fine, but I just want to let them know I'm here for them.
Email me at or reply with a comment here. JUST CLICK ON THE WORD COMMENT.
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Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to everyone. We're having a get together today with bunch of friends to play paintball, volleyball, listen to music and eat BBQ all day. We were watching videos of our Cavalia days yesterday, where we lived in Toronto at this nice little apartment and how safe it felt to walk around at night in the city, driving in the snow and freezing cold in Montreal over Christmas, taking walks along San Francisco Bay with our dogs in the spring, and the 4th of July in Seattle at the Park with all the fireworks and cast from the show there. We met a lot of incredible people along the way. Every city we would meet someone who was so generous and helpful. They would plan parties for us, or take us to dinner, give us directions to the best places to go, and help us with our new "home". So, now that we are really "home", we are putting on a party for the people we know here to kinda keep the circle going. We still keep in contact with most of them via email along with the cast members. A few of my friends from the show have left since I left in January 2005, and of course the show will go on. That's show business! I wish Fred Pignon and Magali Delgado, the equestrian directors of Cavalia, the best of success. They deserve a lot. It was such a joy working with them and riding their Lusitanos. As the quarter horse trainer, I worked all of the quarter horses and rode 3 in the show, but I also got to ride english on "Chucaro" during the "Carousel". You can still see me in the photo they use for the press with the other 5 riders. I convinced Ricky Suarez, who I worked with at Arabian Nights in Orlando, (and is still in the show) to come with me to Canada and be in this new and wonderful show back in May of 2003. It was a new adventure we embarked on, in a new country, and when we arrived to start training the horses it was in a small horse farm with horses that needed to be trained for the show. Only a couple had stage experience. The time table was to open the show in August. It seemed like an impossible task, but quite the challenge. What we did along with many talented craftsman, choreographers, musicians, photographers, designers, and artists was what you see today as Cavalia.
So, thanks to all of the well wishes and emails. I love to get mail, so keep them coming. I'll try and answer all of them whatever it may be.
So Happy 4th to Christine, Tony, Pat, Tim, June, Christiana, Karine, Deb, Diane, Dana, and Alex. Thanks for everything and making the world a better and nicer place.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Here is Tommie Turvey and Pokerjoe, making everyone laugh during the "Riding Instructor" comedy act at the Fort Worth Horse Expo. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Energy Drinks

The weekend is here! Our next show is the Cooks Forest Trail Ride in PA which will be from Sunday to Wednesday and then the 4th weekend at the Manawa Rodeo. It'll be lots of fun. It has been incredibly hot lately. The grass is all brown and needs lots of water. I'm starting to miss my home in Florida, but I'll be back there soon.
When we were in Connecticut we got a 24 pack of the new diet Coke with Splenda. Have you tried it yet? It tastes like diet Coke with Lemon. Yep. As soon as we got back I bought up a bunch of regular diet Coke. I hope it's not the end of regular diet Coke! Ugh!
Being on the go and the road so much we check out any new energy drink we can find. What is your favorite? Red Bull works, but for $2 a can? Most of the ones we try are too sweet and we can't even finish the can. Full Throttle by Coke is terrible. AMP by Pepsi is MT. Dew in a small can. I just tried this one from Italy, Tiger Energy. It was too sweet and didn't give me the kick I needed. We personally like Rip It, but can't seem to find it outside of Sterling. At $1 a 16oz can, we usually stock up for the road. The sugar free, low carb is my choice. If we can't find it or run out, I get Diet Rock Star or Low Carb Monster, but at $2 or twice the price of Rip It, we'll make sure we stock up next time! During the shows everyone asks about what we're drinking. We end up giving out a few to other performers who think it's our secret formula. Our fridge is stocked with lots of water and energy fuel. It doesn't last long though... It is amazing how many brands of energy drinks there are out there and the names they have. "Bawls" comes in a small blue fancy bottle and tastes like flavored water. I guess you're paying for the bottle. Have you seen the 20+ ounce cans of Hansen Energade? Toooooo much. I wish Rip It sold in small 8 oz cans too, just when you need a lift, not 16oz of drink. Well, we're going to the Quad Cities Air Show tomorrow. Should be lots of people there. Then off to PA.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Monday, June 20, 2005

WF Young & Absorbine Jr.

Hey all. It has been incredibly busy here in Sterling. We have been traveling a lot with the horses and trying to keep up with the demand. Tommie was in Bellvue, IA for the PRCA Rodeo. It was a wet and muddy weekend, but the show went on thanks to the great broncs and bulls by Three Hills Rodeo Company. Tommie really enjoys performing with rodeo announcer, Roger Mooney. He is one of the best in the business, announcing non-stop and always with colorful commentary and energy. We have been filming our video series, putting together a full schedule of shows, and working on new projects. This past weekend we trekked the horses to Longmeadow, MA, for a private show with WF Young. They are the company that makes Absorbine Jr. and lots of horse products you would know like "ShowSheen" and "SuperPoo". Tommie was featured on a commercial for them. After seeing Tommie perform and keeping with the horse tradition, it was a perfect match. When two companies get together and believe in each others products, it is a great relationship. We have always used Absorbine Equine Products and with our daily routine are big fans of Absorbine muscle relief. The Pain relief patches are great when traveling the 1000 miles each way in a truck. It really helps keep the stiff muscles and stiff necks at bay. We got a tour of the WF Young compound and met all the wonderful people there. Then we performed a show on Friday for their friends and families outdoors. Fantastic turn out and response. We hope it showed everyone there how much we strive to be a fun family oriented show that is truly memorable. Everyone had seen the Absorbine commercial since they started running it in the Springfield Media Market. The President, Tyler Young told us that sales are up 50% and Tommie is now seen in over 1 million homes and 25% of the US markets. We are putting together a lot of future projects for them and are looking forward to a long relationship. On Saturday, we got to perform at the Stoneleigh Burnam School in Greenfield, MA. They are a private equestrian school for girls. We did demos for the children of a group, YPO. They were all eager to learn and watch us have fun with horses. The facility was very accommodating. Thanks to Susan and Todd. We also got the chance to see my husbands mom and dad and sister while we were there too. It was nice to see his dad for Fathers Day. Many thanks to everyone at WF Young and the YPO. It was a memorable and exciting weekend. It is good to be back home, only to leave for Cooks Forest Trail Ride in PA this weekend. Well, this is what we do. Tommie's birthday is tomorrow, so time to take a day off and enjoy some sushi with friends. Don't forget if you have any questions, please email us at
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Here is Tommie with Ace and Joker as waits in the wings to perform at the Can AM Expo in London, Canada. (2005)  Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Day to Relax.

Today (Sunday) was a day for me to clear my head. My horses are doing really well. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and asks about them or comments about them. They (and me) appreciate the kind words and praise you give them. They deserve every bit of it. It was time for them to be horses. In the meantime, I got away from the Wahl Equestrian Center and went to the drop zone to do a little skydiving. It was a bit windy, so I didnt' get any jumps off. I was all psyched to go too. Tommorrow we get back to the routine. We're still looking for new horses to add to the lineup. With Karen training them too, we'll have a team ready in no time. She's a hell of a trainer and can get them working together in no time. We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up and I can't wait to let you all know. Keep your eyes here. I'm looking forward to answering any questions you may have, so please email us. Thanks.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Gotta Start Somewhere!

OK. We just got this set up after EVERYONE keeps asking about where we are and what we are doing. This way you can find out without tracking me or my brother down via cell phone or email. To give a quick background, my brother, Tommie Turvey is an incredible horse trainer and entertainer. He travels the world performing in shows with horses. I too perform with horses and we have been around horses our entire lives. From when we were young, we would ride horses every day and try to see how we could get the most out of them. It was kind of a game my brother and I would play to see who could best whom. Honestly, he would kick my butt, because he is a natural horseman. After growing up and not knowing that we were actually training horses, not just having fun, we naturally started working for shows that featured horses. It was to our advantage that it was like second nature to get on a horse and go into the spotlight. We loved the attention! It didn't take long for both of us to be working steady and since then haven't stopped to breathe. You can check out our website at and see just exactly what we do. It's a pretty cool and exciting life, working with horses and traveling around the country meeting thousands of interesting and wonderful people. I'll talk more about my travels in future posts. Tommie will also be writing his thoughts here too, so please feel free to ask us any questions or comments you may have about horses, horse training, stunts, or whatever you would like to say. We'll also upload photos and lots of fun stuff as it happens. Welcome to our blog! We are Extreme Riders who just want to inspire people to have a better relationship, have fun, and get the most out of their horses. As my brother and I have said since we were youngsters, "Ride Fast... Take Chances!".

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Hello everyone. There just isn't enough time in the day! It has been great here in Florida. We've been putting together the marketing plan, editing video, planning shows, and working on quite a few projects. I apologize for not keeping up with this, because I really want to keep in touch with you all. Since Cavalia, I have been non-stop. We've gotten many offers and projects to jump on, but timing is everything, so it takes a lot of time to weed out the good and the bad. We are also working on a new website design to correlate with the new marketing and such, so I will be having my own "blog" there and will stop using this one pretty soon. I spoke to Erik, Alethea and Pierre Luc and they are doing great in Denver. They sent me this fantastic promo package. It looks great. I can't wait to work with them again. It is so hard to find good quality talent and they definitely have it.(Their website is answer a few of the questions I get from my emails: To find the schedule and more info on Cavalia after Scottsdale go to their website I no longer work there, so they can answer your questions on where they are going, prices, tickets and how to contact the performers. As to what I am doing now, well, I'm working with my company Equine Extremist Entertainment & Training and still working with horses, but I've been doing more of the creative, marketing, and leg work needed to create lots of new and fun things. Cavalia was a fun time for a year and a half and getting to work with Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado was a dream come true, but being involved in a company and making lots of the decisions is so rewarding. Keep in touch and email me at if you have any questions. I love hearing from you and I'll keep you up to date of what's happening in my world.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Monday, February 21, 2005

We're at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo in Texas

Hi Ya'll,The weather has been great here at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo. We are here for 2 weeks performing at the Rodeo. The crowds have been 3000 to 5000 strong each day with this weekend being televised on OLN channel for April. The "Riding Instructor" comedy act my brother does was a huge success. People just can't believe (including me) how he does what he does with his horse. They see him roman-ride like I did when I was with Cavalia, but with a lot more fancy footwork and much much much faster. His team of black and white Paint brothers, Joker and Ace are a beautiful sight to see. Then he jumps them over a wall of fire. Trust is the key here and they do it without hesitation. People alllways ask me about how I trained the quarter horses to be ready for Cavalia with the crowds and lights and all, that was nothing compared to what Tommie does with his every week. It is so nice to be back working side by side with Tommie. We have nothing but respect for each other and the horses are the top priority. Pokerjoe was flawless in the Riding Instructor. We are working on a real nice liberty act with a touch of dressage and maybe some cool effects and stunts, but that's all I'm going to say right now. You'll have to see. (When I was sitting on Joker in the arena a man said "I didn't know Xena was in the show!". That made me smile. I guess I remind a lot of people of her for some reason.) Today was an off day, so we ended up going to see Jerry Diaz and Stacy Anderson. (about an 8 hour round trip) She roman rides a 6 horse team and he is an incredible Charro rider who ropes and rides at the same time. They were very nice. Jerry is starting a new horse for WAHL. Tommie is the new Equestrian Director for WAHL. They have been really good to him and we are working really hard to create a great working relationship with WAHL and a few other sponsors. You may have seen Tommie in an Absorbine Jr. Commercial too. He is everywhere! He works with the Rodeos, Expos, Horse Shows, Dressage Events, Jumping Events, Sporting Events, Circus, and with the biggest horse trainers in the business.Tomorrow we have an interview with a TV station and the local paper will be doing a weekend story. Then on Friday/Saturday the news blitz happens and we'll be interviewed by 4 or 5 media stations and many magazines and newspapers. This is a typical weekend for Tommie.Well, time to hit the hay and call it a day. I'll post the link for the incredible photos of Cavalia tommorrow too.Thanks again to everyone for their support and comments. It really means a lot to me. I'm going to post some of the hundreds of emails I have received too. Thank you.Ride Fast... Take Chances!karen

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Beautiful Photos of Cavalia

I spoke to Lynn Glaser and she sent me this link of an article she did of Cavalia. Lynn is an incredible photographer. Check it out, I know you will love it! It was shot when I was with Cavalia in Glendale, CA.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Hello everyone! I'm alive and well.

First I want to apologize for not updating this sooner, but lots of exciting changes have been happening in my life. For those of you who have been writing and following my journal, yes it is true. Five of the performers have left Cavalia, including myself, the "Xena" wild girl. After a year and half with the show from the beginning, training the quarter horses and performing in all 312 shows, it was time for me to move on to bigger and better things. I am thankful for the incredible opportunity I had with the show and will cherish and remember all of the hard work, the wonderful and generous people I met along the way, and the joy and excitement my part brought out in many people. I want all of you to know horses and entertaining is my life, so there will be more adventures to come. As I close the Cavalia chapter, I open up many more. I could write a book on my adventures and the reasons why I resigned from Cavalia, maybe someday I will. So, I hope you all continue with me in my journey as an "Equine Extremist". I will still answer any questions you have regarding Cavalia, as I still have friends there and know a lot about the training and the show. I will be posting more on the goings on as artists for the show will come and go. I will also answer any questions you have in general about horses. They are my passion and companions. Leave comments here or write me directly at I will posting more photos at and you can visit my website at Thank you all for your support along the way and know that I will miss you all.Enjoy the magic of Cavalia as it celebrates the beauty and power of the horse.I'll see all of you on my new adventure.Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hello everyone! I'm alive and well.

First I want to apologize for not updating this sooner, but lots of exciting changes have been happening in my life. For those of you who have been writing and following my journal, yes it is true. Five of the performers have left Cavalia, including myself, the "Xena" wild girl. After a year and half with the show from the beginning, training the quarter horses and performing in all 312 shows, it was time for me to move on to bigger and better things. I am thankful for the incredible opportunity I had with the show and will cherish and remember all of the hard work, the wonderful and generous people I met along the way, and the joy and excitement my part brought out in many people. I want all of you to know horses and entertaining is my life, so there will be more adventures to come. As I close the Cavalia chapter, I open up many more. I could write a book on my adventures and the reasons why I resigned from Cavalia, maybe someday I will. So, I hope you all continue with me in my journey as an "Equine Extremist". I will still answer any questions you have regarding Cavalia, as I still have friends there and know a lot about the training and the show. I will be posting more on the goings on as artists for the show will come and go. I will also answer any questions you have in general about horses. They are my passion and companions. Leave comments here or write me directly at I will posting more photos at and you can visit my website at Thank you all for your support along the way and know that I will miss you all. Enjoy the magic of Cavalia as it celebrates the beauty and power of the horse.I'll see all of you on my new adventures.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!
karen turvey

Monday, January 10, 2005

First I want to say thank you Santa Monica for an incredible run. Cavalia did an amazing 9 weeks of shows. It has been a while since I wrote, mainly because I have been out straight with no time to sit still. I've tried to keep up with my emails, so if you haven't received a reponse yet, it will be coming soon. I am now back in Orlando resting up for the trip back to Scottsdale. We open on January 25th. The horses are off to a nice ranch to relax and be horses for a couple of weeks. I need the time to recuperate my body and mind. It has been a whirlwind. I just wanted to say how flattered I am when anyone calls me the Xena of Cavalia. She is an amazing character with power, beauty and brains. So, being compared to her is quite the compliment. Everyone keeps asking about my New Years. Well, I had an incredible time thanks to the Victorian and the Mor Bar. After our show on the 31st, we went to the Victorian on Main Street and had a wonderful dinner with presents from the producer. We all received these leather Cavalia Tour 2005 jackets. After the dinner made our way to the best bar in Santa Monica, Mor Bar. The bartenders are the wildest and funnest I have ever seen. Dana Danejerus and Melicious rang in the New Year 2005 with an incredible party. They are the hottest bartenders I have ever seen behind the bar. Lauren and the girls, thanks for the VIP treatment while we were there. We also celebrated our 300th show (on Jan 30th our 2nd show.) I'm proud to say I haven't missed a single one of the 300 shows. After each show I am usually physically and emotionally exhausted, but I perk right up and love it when someone says "there is someone here who wants to meet you...". It makes me feel good to know that someone appreciates what I do enough to want to meet with me. Thank you. I will miss Santa Monica. The celebrities were exciting to see too. Larry King, Owen Wilson, Larry Hagman, Betty White, Ted Dansen, Bruce Greenwood, and Kevin Costner. I got to meet Kevin Costner when I was in Paris at the Wild West show there as Annie Oakley. It was cool that I got to perform for him again. Bruce Greenwood was so nice too. He came up to me in the VIP tent and said "wow, the things you do are incredible." Betty White has been to show the show like 4 times! What a sweet lady. I also had the pleasure of giving Cristiana, one of our hardest workers in the stable, a roman riding lesson. Every day I walked in the stables I would see her smiling face and how much she loves the horses. I took her and her grandmother, June Lockhart into our warm up area and had Cristiana up on my roman team of Hollywood and Bandit. She did 4 rounds at a walk as I explained what to do and what to look for as she rides with a foot on each of their backs. It was such a thrill to hear the excitement and joy from her and June. I even gave her a DVD of her "ride" so she will never forget it. Special thanks to all of you who came to the show and said hi. Don't be shy either, I have more people email me and say "I saw you in the stables and didn't want to bother you.." Don't be silly, jump right in and say hello. Thanks to David Carradine and Annie for having us for Christmas. It will be a day we won't forget. (I still can't believe I met a man who I adored when I was growing up, "Grizzly Adams", Dan Haggerty. He is quite the character and an amazing man. He was there with his son, along with many other celebs and friends.) I spoke to my husband today and he said it has been raining the entire time they have been tearing down the big-top. It is sunny and beautiful here! Well, I hope all of you in Santa Monica and the rest of the 308 shows we have performed, keep in touch and let me know what's going on. (email me at I'll try and answer as much email as possible. Thanks again Santa Monica and Hello Scottsdale/Phoenix. Time for an overdue jacuzzi bath and massage. ahhhhhhhh.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe