Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone. Just wanted to say Happy New Year. 2007 has been quite a year for us. Thanks for all your support and we are looking forward to seeing you all in 2008!
Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Maine

Here is Jamie and I. Merry Christmas!
This is what a white New England Christmas looks like.
Here I am refreshed and revived after a nice night at the Wentworth by the Sea.
Here is Jamie overlooking the 8" of snow that fell during our stay.

My husband and I got away for a few days and went to Maine for Christmas with his family and to have a few days away for our anniversary. We stayed at the Wentworth by the Sea and had a beautiful New England Christmas with tons of snow! We drove up to LL Bean in Freeport to get a few presents and have sushi with our niece, Joann. We met one of Jamie's best friends, Webber and his wife in Portland for drinks and hear stories of Jamie and Webber's exploits. Then we had a big Christmas with Jamie's family and all the nieces and nephews on Saturday. Lots of great food and conversation. We went skiing at Sunday River Ski resort. It was awesome. We skied all day, had a great lunch at the Shipyard Ale House and there was hardly anyone there. (With 130 trails it felt like we were alone!) We figured it would be really busy, so we got to the mountain at 7:30am. We were the first in line for tickets and gear. It was cool to go skiing with the family, Mike, Sue, Lynn, Michael, Sheila, Chris, Alex, Andy, Austin, Colleen, Danny and Katie. I just want to say thank you to Jamie's Mom and Dad for putting everything together and making it a wonderful Christmas for us. Love you and Merry Christmas.
We returned home on Christmas eve to spend Christmas with Tommie, the horses, our doggies, and the girls. (Lori and Giddy) Here is Tommie, trying to guess the present before he opens it.
Merry Christmas! karen

Monday, December 24, 2007

In Memory of Matt Zoppe

I just returned from my Christmas vacation with my husbands family and was floored. On December 22, 2007 a talented performer, wonderful person and a good friend's life ended too soon. Matt Zamperla Zoppe was 5th generation circus and a true performer. We watched Matt and his brothers perform marvelously at the Circus, Cheval Theatre, Dixie Stampede and at Arabian Nights Dinner Theater. My brother and I featured the Zoppe family in a pilot we shot called "Extreme Horsemen". We brought together the most talented bareback riders under one roof. Matt and his family showed us why they are the best of the best. We experienced the magic of the Zoppe family as they practiced and performed. This is a sad day to know Matt is gone from this earth. He will be missed by everyone. Our hearts go out to Diana, his daughter Angelica, his family and friends. Below is a few pictures of Matt as we will always remember him. God Bless.

Here is Matt with his brother, Olissio.
Here is the Zoppe family performing at Arabian Nights. Here is Matt and Olissio along with Timi Loyal, Christine Drentwett, Joanne Mintel and other talented bareback riders during our "Extreme Horsemen" shoot.

Here is Matt alongside my brother, Tommie. We will miss you Matt.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Great photos of Tommie Turvey

I found a bunch of photos of Tommie performing this year. I thought I would post some for you to see.

Here is my brother, Tommie jumping his roman riding team of Joker and Ace over fire at a show. He has such confidence in his horses. I'm there standing next to the jump. I'm there for safety to set the jump, light the jump, and extinguish the jump. Tommie, Joker and Ace look awesome as ever!

This is the first shot I've ever seen of Tommie during his comedy act, "the Riding Instructor", where it was taken from behind. Tommie parts the tail and enters from under Pokerjoe and in between his legs. A lot of people are amazed by Pokerjoe's quiet stance. It is just very basic horsemanship of de-sensitizing and trust, NOT of bombproofing where the horse is oblivious of what's going on. We want horses to be horses and coherent to the outside world. We want them to "spook", because when they do we want them to look to us for safety and guidance. The trust is developed when we are consistant with the training and teach them to come to us. They learn to look to us for safety instead of running off or knocking us down. We teach a lot of this in our clinics and demos.

Here's a great shot of the arena during the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento. The Saturday Night Showcase was the biggest and most attended show they had ever done. Wayne Williams announced and Jamie, my husband ran the technical aspects of our acts. Hope to find more photos for you. Until then, Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Has it Been a Month?

I just noticed it has been a month since my last post. Well, we have been to the AZ Horse Fest and the Ocala Equine Capital Horse Expo. It was a nice 5,200 mile round trip. The AZ Horse Fest wasa great show. Tommie said he was impressed by how well it was run. The facility, Empty Acres was a large facility with nice stalls, arenas, and layout. Tommie said they were nice "mare" stalls with soft dirt and lots of room for his horses, so they can relax. Most shows have their stalls on concrete, so we have to use 8 bags of Guardian Shavings just to make it soft, so it is nice to have a place where you know your horse is very comfortable. It addition to Tommie's 4 acts in the show, they had the Mini Horse Drill Team, David Davis and some reining demos for the night time show. For clincians they had Tommie Turvey, Craig Cameron, Jane Savoie, Kerry Huhn, and Karen Scholl. These are some of the best clinicians you'll find. They are not only knowledgable, they are all approachable. People come to these events to learn something new or gain more insight on how they can create a better relationship with their horse. It is nice to have an expo where you can talk one on one with the clincian and get feedback on your specific problem or question. Tommie loves questions from the audience. It is the reason people support and come to these events. The 80 degree weather was real nice too. The people seemed to come from all over as well. We had people from AZ, CA, NV, NM, TX,CO, MO, and OK, come by and say hi. We were very impressed and are looking forward to next year and putting on a few clinics at Empty Acres in Buckeye as well. There is nothing better than working with promoters and trainers who respect and appreciate each other.

Here is a photo of Tommie and Ace from the Ocala Equine Capitol Horse Expo taken by Steve Priest. Steve has been taking photos of Tommie for about 10 years now.
The Ocala show went very well. We set up our 40x40 tent and had our own "compound" at the Post Time Event Center. Josh and Jana Lyons were there as well. Tommie and Josh did their demos back to back, having lots of fun as well. They remind me of 2 little boys trying to out-do or make the other flub up. They are best friends and had a great time. People say it was the most entertaining demo they had ever seen at an expo. In addition to Tommie and Josh, Matt McLaughlin, Stacey Westfall, Pat and Linda Parelli, and Jimmy Driver were on hand to give really nice educational and entertaining demos. The Dinner in the Dirt was held Friday Night and was exciting as always. Tina puts the audience in the arena and we do the entire show around them. Tommie did his 4 acts, plus Lori skied behind Ceaser and Jon Wearley and I did the Chariot Race. We planned it all down to the wreck at the end. The entire show went off without a hitch. Tina bills it as "extreme" and "dangerous", but don't worry, we know exactly what we are doing. Many many years in the stunt business makes sure that you are prepared. We looked at every position and found the safest way to perform each act. We just make it look dangerous. We would never put our horses lives or other peoples lives in danger for a "show". We are entertainers, not daredevils. Thanks to Tina and Gordon who put on this event for their incredible hospitality. This is our 5th year working with Tina and we love every show we do with her. We are now back in Sterling for much needed rest from the road as we prepare for 2008. Sorry for the being so late in posting. I'll try to add to this more often, now that I'm home.We've got so much going on from the Rocky Mountain Horses, Mustangs, Chariot racing horses, and more! Clinics coming for 2008! Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe