Sunday, November 07, 2010

Time flies when you have a baby

All I know is that I get an extra hour of sleep tonite.
My husband Jamie and I are soooo happy. Uncle Tommie is in Kentucky at the World Equestrian Games, so he will see her when he gets done up there. She ia a healthy baby girl and are loving every minute of it. This is a photo of her about 2 hours after she was born. Time to start another adventure in our lives.  
Ride Fast... Take Chances!  Karen

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tommie Turvey at WEG

Well, it has been a LONG LONG LONG couple of weeks that seem like months. With everything that has been going on, including me giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, I have a bunch of photos and stuff to talk about. Tommie returned from the WEG in Lexington, KY after being there for the opening ceremonies and doing demos each day of the games. He got there at 9/21 and just returned 10/11. Much to say about it, there was good and bad and a lot of friends and new friends. Above is a photo of Tommie performing with Joker and Ace at the Clinicians Corral in Equine Village. He said the crowds were good and really liked the diversity we brought to the Games. Tommie doesn't do a sales pitch or boring training, he likes to inspire crowds and show them that they should have fun with their horses. If every time you are with your horse you are training, then it's not fun! We do minimal training and maximum fun. Ricky Suarez was there bareback riding on Sugar. She is coming along really nice. I have been working her alot and with an exceptional rider like Ricky really brings out the best in her. She also looks great in the spotlights! We have a lot more to fill you in on, so as soon as I get more photos and stories, I will post them here.
Ride Fast.... Take Chances! karen
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tommie is at WEG, I'm in the Hospital

I'm in the hospital getting ready to have my baby. Jamie and I are waiting patiently. Tommie is doing great at WEG. I saw him during the NBC telecast on Sunday. Check out the Official Paint Horse Page on Facebook. Lots of nice photos of the opening ceremonies. Well, gotta go, baby should coming today. Ride Fast.. Take Chances! karen

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tommie at the Iowa Gold Star Futurity in Des Moines

Tommie just got back from a long 10 days on the road. When he left here he headed 700 miles to the Kentucky Horse Park for a rehearsal and set up the last minute details for the World Equestrian Games. From there he drove another 700 miles to Des Moines, IA to perform at the Iowa Gold Star Futurity. This is an incredible Arabian Horse Show with beautiful arabian horses. Tommie said he would love to have an Arabian Black stallion just like the movie "the Black Stallion". Tommie and I used to watch that movie over and over. If it was on TV on Sunday afternoon and when we got a VHS player, it was the second most watched movie in our small collection. (Scarface was the most watched!) Tommie really wanted to be that kid. He would ride just like him without fear and always with a smile. The ironic thing is we ended up working with Corky Randall and at Arabian Nights dinner theater in Orlando. Corky did the horse work on the movie, so it was very cool to be working with him. Tommie has worked with a lot of trainers and always listens and takes away something he can use. He never follows anyone 100% or even 50% for that matter. Tommie takes one or two elements and makes them into his own methods. Tommie has really put together a no-nonsense and get it done type of training. Everything he does is well thought out and for a reason. That's why he is so successful at getting the results in horses.
Chantal sent me this photo of Tommie and Pokerjoe just before they performed. She said the last act they did was his new act with Blade and Maverick and everybody loved it. People love to see the comradery of horses of dogs, especially when it is quite a challange like putting together a wild mustang and a red heeler. One is born to run and the other is born to chase. So, it is amazing when Tommie got them to work together and run side by side or when Maverick jumps up in the saddle. That is a true testiment to training. Tommie looks beyond the possible and seeks out the "impossible" to turn in into "possible". That's the way Tommie has always been. When would be at a horse auction someone would say "we'll have to lead that horse in, no one can ride him" and Tommie would say "I'll do it". He would get on and ride that horse into the auction ring and look like he was having a ball. The audience thought the horse was really good and Tommie thought it was a lot funner to ride horses into the ring than to sit in the bleachers and watch people bid on horses. He didn't realize then how easy he made it look and how natural he was with horses. He has an incredible insight into a horse and is 99% right when it comes to figuring out a horse. He uses their natural ability and instincts to train their strengths and their want for communication to become their leader. It's not rocket science like most trainers will lead you to believe, but there is a bit of common sense and uncommon discipline.
After the Des Moines show, Tommie flew to Los Angeles to do a 1 day shoot for Lion TV which will air on the History channel. Michael Loades, whom the show will be about, contacted Tommie to be the horse expert. On Monday, Tommie flew back to Des Moines where he and Chantal drove 700 miles back to Kentucky Horse park for a rehearsal with Dan James and then drove 700 miles back here on Thursday. They were glad to be home. Everything is going good here as we continue to get ready for the World Equestrian Games and get our facility up and running. Not to mention the NFR/Cowboy Christmas and Rose Parade. We'll be touring with Odd Job Bob too with the movies coming out soon. Well, I have got to go... Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen
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Monday, September 06, 2010

Tommie is in Los Angeles with Discovery Channel

Tommie just sent me a quick note. They are filming a TV show pilot. He is working with the incredibly knowledgable and talented, Michael Loades. He has a great way of explaining history in simple easy to remember terms. Tommie is the equine expert to help Michael through some of the explainations. It should be a great show. Don't forget to watch the Walking Dead on AMC Halloween. You'll see Tommie and Blade with the Zombies. Pretty cool stuff. You can see more stuff on Tommie's Blog at Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Great shot of Sammi and Odd Job Bob

During the filming of "the Greening of Whitney of Brown" We got a great shot of Sammi and Bob relaxing during a break in the filming. Sammi really bonded with Bob, but most importantly Bob was very comfortable with Sammi. She has a natural feel with horses and makes them feel at ease. She has been really busy doing a lot of movies, but I hope she has time to ride and work with horses. She is a natural rider and a great student. We're going to be bringing Bob to the World Equestrian Games and possibly Vegas during the NFR and the Rose Parade in Pasadena. He is going to have a busy schedule once the movie is released. It is a really nice feel good movie that focuses on the relationship between the horse and the girl and how Bob makes her realize what is really important in her life.
Bob is here at Liberty Horse Ranch doing his daily training. Gypsy Vanners are such a beautiful horse. They are like Tommie's Paints, but a lot more fluffy and flowing. Bob gets a bath every day too. He loves the attention. Tommie is gearing up for a trip to Lexington for a rehearsal for the opening ceremonies at the World Equestrian Games, then over to Des Moines for the Iowa Futurity, a quick flight to Los Angeles to film an episode for Discovery and then back here to get ready for the World Games. We've got lots of exciting stuff coming up so stay tuned!
Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Monday, July 19, 2010

Front Entrance

Here we are coming out of our new facility. Karen

On the way to our new home

During our latest trip to our new place. We stopped for a rest and water break. 2 pintos, 2 haflingers, and 2 rocky mountain horses. Ride fast... Take chances! Karen

New Facility

We have been looking for a new training facility for us and the horses and we finaly found it! 70 acres of pastures, 2 barns with 30 stalls. Indoor amd outdoor arenas, 3 houses, and fully fenced and gated. It took over a year of searching to find the perfect place, but patience pays off. It is in Brooksville, Florida. I'll have more info as soon as we get settled in. We have been making the move over the past 2 months from Double G. It is 1250 miles away, so it's quite a project to move our entire operation.. We just brought 6 horses to the new place and have 9 more to bring down. It is a great location for clinics and training, plus really beautiful to shoot the tv shows. This photo is of the front entrance gate of the 20 stall barn. We're on our way back to Double G to finish packing the offices and bring more horses. I'll keep you posted. Ride fast... Take chances!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Tommie and Devante

Here is Tommie with the beautiful 3 year old Andalusian stallion, Devante. Tommie is performing a liberty demo showing how horses learn your body language. Tommie is working Devante in the open arena with just his hands. This is one beautiful horse! Ride fast... Take chances! karen

PA horse world expo

We got to the show on Wed. For the 4 day show. This show is awesome. We love the audience here. They are the best anywhere! Tommie is performing along with Matt McLaughlin, Erik Martonavitch, and Stacy Westfall. It will be a great show. This is a photo of Tommie working on his 4 up roman riding team. Looking good! Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Saturday, February 20, 2010

At the Rascal Flatts Concert

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We took a night off to see a great show. Darius Rucker and Rascal Flatts. Got in and at our seats now. Darius starts at 8:00p. It's me , my husband, Tommie, Rich, Kimberly, Sarah, and Gary. Thanks to Tommie for hooking us with great tix. Ride fast... Take chances! Karen

Columbus Ohio Bulls and Broncs Rodeo

Here is Tommie and Pokerjoe at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. The Toughest Cowboy and bulls and broncs rodeo. Tommy Joe Lucia puts on a great show. Great stock and ride 'til you cowboys. Karen

Weekend off!

Well, we have this weekend off. We have been busy getting ready for PA expo. Tommie has been busy shoeing 14 horses with our farrier, Rich Brunner. There's a ropin' here at Double G this weekend too. We did all our fall orders for the western store in the past 3 days too. (So much for the weekend off) but tonight we are on our way to see Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker. We just saw Jake Owen and Randy Houser after the rodeos, but this show should be pretty good. We love Hootie. Hope he sings a few classics not just new stuff. I'll let ya know! Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heading in to Nationwide Arena

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We drove to Columbus, Ohio Friday and did an overnight at Stoney rise farm. We are getting ready to head to the Nationwide Arena. We have to warm up and ready the horses here before we get to the show. Lots of snow and ice here too. I'll send photos when we get to the show. Thanks to Jessica at Stoney Rise and Kenny for all the help. See you at the Rodeo! Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Josh and Janna's new house

We went to visit Tommie's best friend, josh Lyons, (son of John Lyons)and his family at their new home and facility in Tennessee. All I can say is WOW! As you can see by the photo that it snowed in TN the day we got there. Jana just had a new baby named Ryder. He is so adorable. Austin and Johnny are gettin bigger and having fun. Tommie, Josh and the boys jumped and a 4 wheeler and pulled a tube around the outdoor arena while they tried to hang on. The was a lot of snow, so the had a great time. School was cancelled for the boys, but Josh still had his Certification classes. It was awesome hanging out with them. Now they are 529 miles away from us instead of 1200!
Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Monday, February 08, 2010

Tommie and Pokerjoe in Chicago

Here is Tommie and Pokerjoe performing "the riding instructor". pretty cool.... sorry about the camera being a bit out of focus. Ride Fast .... Take Chances! karen

Sears Centre Chicago, IL

We're getting ready for Tommie to perform. As you can see here it's a full house tonite. Looks like 12,000. Last night Jake Owens was in concert after the PCB Rodeo finals. This is a photo of Ace, Joker, and Pokerjoe in back behind the chutes right next to the bulls.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ready for the show

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Looks like a packed house tonight, about 15,000 people. Gonna be a good night...
The boys are ready, including Tommie with his Under Armour gear. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Preshow warm up

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Tommie warms up Joker and Ace while Randy Houser does a sound check. Production meeting at 4pm, showtime 7:30p. All is good. The music is really loud! I can't even hear myself think at times. Plus we had to put up with the fire alarm going off, the below zero temps in the parking garage, and stalling the horse in an arena for 2 days. The crew here with Bulls and Broncs treats us well. Thanks to Tommy Joe, Bob, Randy, Amber and all the crew. We'll see them again when the tour hits Columbus, Ohio!
Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Tommie in St Paul, MN

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We just did a show last night I'n St Paul at the Xcel Energy Center. What a great show! Tommie really loves the people of MN. We have another show tonite plus we get to see Randy Houser concert. See ya tonite. Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bulls and Broncs Rodeo

We are on our way to St Paul, MN for Tommie to perform with Pokerjoe, Joker and Ace. It was nice to in warm weather in Alabama last week. Now we're headed to single digit and below zero weather in MN. The weather is clear but cold. We have to add anti gel fluid to the fuel and keep everything from freezing. The horses travel good but you have blanket them and make sure they don't get too cold or hot.
We have a show tonite and Sat night at the Xcel energy center in St. Paul. Country star Randy Houser will be in concert Sat night as well. Should be a fun weekend!
I'll get photos and post them after the show. Ride Fast... Take Chances! Karen

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back in the cold north!

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The longest part of our trip is getting into the southern part of Illinois. Not only is it 7 more hours of driving, but here comes the snow and cold. Brrrrrrrr. The horses are doing good. But we starting to see many cars in the ditch. We're up to 15 cars and trucks and 3 bad accidents. There isn't much snow, but lots of black ice. Oops one more in the ditch.... Only 3 more hours and we'll be home. Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Alabama horse fair

We are on our way back home. We had a fun weekend in Alabama. Just wanted thank everyone who came out to see Tommie this weekend. Also, thanks to the Alabama Horse Council, Charlotte, Leah, kc, and all the helpers and inmates at the coliseum who made it all happen. We hope you all learned a little more to add to your training arsenal. Thank you for the incredible turn out to see Tommie perform with Pokerjoe , joker and ace. Thanks again Alabama! Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heading for Alabama Show

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We are on our way to Mongomery, Alabama for the horse fair this weekend. It's a 1700 mile round trip, but we'll be happy to be in warm weather. It's raining now as we cross into Kentucky, but should stop soon. We did this show about 6 years ago and it was freezing. We are really excited about coming back.I'll keep you posted on our trip. Ride fast... Take Chances! karen

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tommie rehearsing

Tommie gets Joker and Ace in the Denver Coliseum to warm up for the rodeo. This a nice arena with a top notch ground crew, sound, lighting and production staff. We had a great show and are looking forward to next year. It was awesome to see Stacey and Jerry Diaz. Tommie performed with Pokerjoe during the Mexican Rodeo. Thanks again Denver! Ride fast... Take chances! karen

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 Shows Today

It's pretty nice today should get to 48 degrees. We've got 2 performances today with the rodeos. It has been great working with Boyd Polhamus and the crew here at the NWSS. I'll post new photos are today's perfs. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Friday, January 08, 2010

National Western Stock Show in Denver

We are at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver. It has been very cold and snowy. We got here just ahead of a bad storm. When traveling 1000 miles you have to make sure you stay ahead of the weather in the winter. It should be better this weekend up around 40's. Today Tommie performed at the Boots and Business lunch sponsored by USBank. It was a long walk from the coliseum to the event center. The set us was really cool. The audience was at tables right in the middle of the arena. Tommie performed with Pokerjoe and then liberty with Joker and Ace. Here is Tommie and I right before the Liberty Act with Joker and Ace. Tommie did his entire liberty act, which is with his horses bridle-less and no tack or saddle. He only uses his body language and voice to direct them. Imagine letting a horse free in an arena with 1000 people in it! Ace and Joker were perfect and the crowd loved it.
Here is Tommie performing with Ace at Liberty.
Here is Tommie performing "the Riding Instructor" with Pokerjoe. Pokerjoe is upside down with Tommie on him. We'll be performing again on Saturday and Sunday during the rodeo and the Mexican Extravaganza. Thanks to Patricia, Boyd and all the crew who help make it happen.

Here is Ace back at the stalls after the show. It's a bit cool in the stalls and we're cooling him down and making sure he has a clean stall with plenty of Callaway Farm Bedding. Tommie makes sure they have all the hay and clean water they need. We also use tons of cleaning supplies to keep them clean. Thanks Absorbine! Oh, to be a RockStar. Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe