Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Couple More Things...

Jamie found this on Bill Shatners site. http://horseshow.org/Photos.html
It's a photogallery of the past Hollywood Charity Horse Shows Bill has done.
There's photos of Tommie performing and Tommie and I with Bill and Scott Hamilton. It is so much fun to work with people like Bill and his wife, Elizabeth. We hope to be back there in Hollywood maybe in 2009?
OK, now I gotta run and cook up some vittles for the gang. Looks like lasagna tonight!
Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Updates and more

Well, I haven't much time lateley, but I have 2 minutes to update this and hope to fill you all in on our every busy and exciting lives with horses. I got lots of email from people regarding Tommie's new puppy. He does have a name now which was given to him by Tommie. Tommie went skydiving about 10 days ago and with over 200+ jumps under his belt had to cutaway from his chute and use his reserve for the first time. This is pretty scary, because you have to decide that A) your main chute is not opening properly b) You have to clear the chute so it can be cut away and freed from you C) you have to know that when you cut it away your spare chute had better work! Well, Tommie cut-away and pulled his reserve around 2,500 feet. It the moment they say "you have 3 seconds to make a life or death decision, carry it out, and keep your composure to the ground". Tommie did just that. So, after a few more jumps he came home as he was playing with his puppy, he said "and then I CUTAWAY..." and the pup turned and ran to him. So, he the puppy is now named "Cutaway". He answers to it now very well and he is growing like crazy. More pics of him to come. The weather has been pretty wet and yucky, so we haven't done much with the horses except for working them inside the arena. Today, Lori and I took the chariot horses out for a stroll in the sun. They loved it!
We are working on our own Night Show and Family Fun Day on July 5th here in Sterling. It started out as just us doing a show and has blossomed into a fun day with Wild West Shootouts, Motorcycle Rodeo, Chili Cookoff, and lots of fun for the kids! We are also raising money and awareness for a local therapudic riding and disabled children's groups in the area too. Halo is a great bunch of people who we are raising money for so they can go and do social functions and fieldtrips. They are our special guest during our show as well. They came and hung out with Tommie too. They are so appreciative of everything and deserve any opportuntity we can give them. WHOA is a local therapudic riding group who uses horses to help people with disabilities overcome them. I know what horses do for me and these kids have had incredible changes in their attitudes, posture, and thinking abilities. It is amazing to see what horses really can do for children. Here is a photo with Tommie and the people from HALO.

The show is Saturday night July 5th, so we hope to see everybody here! We'll have Lizzie Traband with Bridleless riding, Cassie doing mounted shooting and vaulting, and Annette on a beautiful horse that I can't wait to see. You'll also get to see Tommie's new 2 horse Liberty act. it is amazing. I am still floored by the number of people who are trying to do Liberty and they don't really understand what it is. Most haven't even trained their own horses. The only way you can get your horse to connect with you is to train it yourself. You can cue a horse, but you have to connect with it. That is what Liberty really is. If you've ever seen Tommie you will understand what real Liberty is all about. Our arena here in Sterling holds 1900 people, so we want to sell it out and put on a show like you've never seen before. You can see our new video preview of our show "Night of Amazing Horses" at http://video.yahoo.com/watch/2876808/8261525

We're also doing the show 1,800 miles from here in Reno, Nevada August 15 &16. So, if you are in the Sacramento, Reno area, please come by and see us perform during the Wild Horse and Burro Expo. Showtime is 7:00pm Reno Livestock Event Center. We did the Western States Expo last year and had a full house there, so we are hoping we will get some of them to come to Reno for a night of fun and entertainment. Tommie Turvey's "Night of Amazing Horse" performing live with his horses Pokerjoe, Joker, Ace, and Mustang Blade. You can get tickets a www.wildhorseandburroexpo.com.

Here is a great shot of Jon Wearley and I battling it out in the chariot race.

We'll be doing this and more in Sterling and Reno! I can't wait...
We are working on final details on the model of Pokerjoe for Breyer. We'll let you know when it is scheduled to come out as well. We'll also be performing at the July 2009 Breyerfest in Lexington KY at the Horsepark, so mark you calendars! I want to say thanks to Jazz and Molly. They gave us a hand in Ohio when we did the Farmpark there. It was much appreciated. We really enjoy doing the Farmpark. We do so many rodeos and expos that when we can do a scaled down, face to face horse to horse place like the Farmpark in Kirtland it is a dream. The people are so nice and the facility is top notch. Thanks again to the crew there, Bill, Sue, Beth, and Karen. What else... My 2 minutes are up. Gotta run before the sun sets.
Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe