Friday, March 24, 2006

Here is a great photo of Tommie Turvey and his horse, Pokerjoe. This says it all of the relationship they have together. If you ever get a chance to see Tommie and Pokerjoe, make sure you see them perform. It will make you think of what can be done with horses. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tennessee Volunteer Horse Fair

We just finished up the Tennessee Volunteer Horse Fair outside of Nashville at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum. We had a great time. It is a mid-size show with lots of local vendors and clinicians. Matt McLaughlin, Van Hargis, Jimmy Driver, Ryan Gingerich, and Nicole Carswell. The show kept us busy all weekend. Tommie even got to judge the "Black Pot Cook Off". It wasn't quite as exciting as the Miss Rodeo contests he gets to judge, but it was lots of fun. Tommie did a demo each day and the show on Saturday Night. Wayne Williams announced the show with Tommie as the featured act along with Matt McLaughlin with dressage, Todd Shocky and the Wild West Stage Coach, Austin Anderson and Pamela doing trick riding, Crystal Lyons singing on horseback, jousting, mounted shooters, and a host of breeds. There were some great talent, but the show really needed help in organization and production. Tommie is a perfectionist when it comes to the show. We don't the show to be perfect for our sake. We want it to be the best it can possibly be for everyone who is there to see the show. The people who plunked down their hard earned money to see the show. Whether it's a full house or one person, Tommie will perform the same way, giving his all. In order to be consistent, we need the show and ground crews to take their jobs serious. If there are people back stage getting in the way or the gate person not paying attention, it effects the flow of the show and someone could get hurt. We understand the limitations some shows have and work through it, but they need to understand that we are trying to give the audience the best show possible and it means paying attention and having the right staff there to do the job. Jamie, my husband who also coordinates the music and lights for Tommie said the sound and spot guys were perfect and they did an excellent job. (Thanks guys!)
I just have to say thanks again to Clinton Anderson. We had a ton of people come up to our booth and tell us they just saw Tommie on Downunder Horsemanship on RFD-TV. It was reruns of the shows he did with Tommie in December. He was a fantastic host. I wasn't there for the taping, but Tommie said it went great.
We have the Sensory Clinic this weekend at our place in Sterling. It is going to be fun. We have a lot of things planned so people can work on their horses and get them ready for spring riding. We'll be working on obstacles, de-spooking, horsemanship, and riding. (There's still room left, so if you are interested in coming let us know.) It is a great way to prepare you and your horse while under a controlled environment. I'll be out there on Caesar all weekend. Tommie will be riding "Clip", our BLM Mustang we got last July. Yes, a year ago "Clip" was a wild horse, and you'll get to see him progress through a course with Tommie. It is quite a sight. Tommie has such a good hand with horses, we have more horse coming in for training in May, with private clinics and working on our own horses. It is going to be a busy year.
Ride Fast... Take Chances!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Here I am, (Karen Turvey) with my baby girl, Kenna. She goes everywhere with me. I even have a little travel bag for her. Every time I see her, she gets soooooooooo excited to see me. It makes me so happy, She is so lovable!  Posted by Picasa

Here is a great show of Tommie Turvey with Ace in the Hole. We were doing a photoshoot for WAHL and Ace loved the attention. Posted by Picasa

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe