Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Chariot Team

I just picked up a new team of horses. Do you know how hard it is to find a matched team of horses? Matched in age, size, and color? Well, I found a pair that we will be training to drive my chariot. I really liked the white and brown, so I could match a new costume with white and leather. They need a lot of work to be cleaned up, clipped up, and training. I'll keep you posted on their progress. We are looking to debut them at our Raleigh NC show May 2nd and 3rd, 2008 at the Hunt Complex. Talk to you soon, Ride Fast... Take Chances! karen

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tommie Turvey Horsemanship

We have been extremely busy here at our facility. We are gearing up for clinics and shows throughout the summer and into the winter. Tommie is really excited about the clinics in PA at Carousel Farms and the PA Trail Ride. I have been trying to get all the particulars together. Tommie is busy working with Clinton Anderson and his apprentices this week. They brought their horses up here to Sterling (which is where Clinton called home before he built his new place in Belle Center) for some instruction from Tommie and vice-versa. It is amazing to see such great trainers wanting to learn more. How humbling. Clinton and his apprentices worked on the bow, laydown, and the sit-up, plus some liberty with Tommie showing the way, and then Tommie got pointers on spins and rollbacks from Clinton to use on his mustang, Blade. After the couple days of training, we had Clinton over for a nice steak dinner. He said he did miss "Rock River Provisions" butcher shop in Sterling. You can't find a fresher steak anywhere. Here is Tommie with Clinton and the girls as they go over the laydown with their horses at Double G in Sterling, Illinois.

Tommie (in black/gray coat) watches as Clinton and the girls go through the laydown with their horses.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In Memorial - Joan Knapp

The world lost a wonderful woman, great-great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother. She lit up any room she was in and was as generous with her time to help out those who needed it. Anyone who was lucky enough to know Joan couldn't help but be touched by this woman. She was the most caring mother and grandmother many times over. She lived a full life of 95 years with the love of her children and their families. Most of it in the Jay, Maine area. I sit and think about what she has seen and been through; the world wars, the depression, the good times and the bad times, and how many lives she is responsible for, including mine. She was a beacon of honesty, strength, and generosity.I will never forget her for her kindness and wonderful ways and she will always be my "Memere". Today is a very sad day, but I know she is at peace at her place beside the Lord where she will still be watching over all of her family and making sure we are taken care of and protected. She will always be in our hearts and on our minds. We have lost an amazing woman, but heaven has gained a saint. We love you Memere and thank you for all you have done for your family and this world. It is a better place because of you. God Bless.
Your grandson, Jamie Marshall
Here is Joan and her children (70 years ago) in 1938 with Geraldine, Gerald, and my mom, Mary Ann.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My sis turns 21!

My little sister, Kim turned 21 on March 22. We wanted to make it special for her, so we flew out to Las Vegas to party it up in style! It was her first time in Sin City, so we kept it fairly calm. We took her to see the Hoover Dam, and the old Vegas at Freemont Street and at the Tropicana with the Follies Bergere. Then, we went to see "X" at the Flamingo. (Thanks for the hookups Peter!) We hit the casinos and played roulette, blackjack, and wheel of fortune slots. We had a great run of slots at the Bellagio right before we went to the Circo for an incredible dinner. Our reservations were for 8:30pm and we were supposed to get "window" seats and when I asked the maitre d' he said we were "near" the window. The meal was absolutely fabulous. The texture and taste was amazing. BUT they did mess up my surprise for Kim. A week prior to the dinner, I ordered a special cake for Kim and was told she would be a "VIP" Guest at Circo. I would surprise her with a birthday cake and tickets to go see "O", the Cirque show. Well, the staff didn't have any clue on where the cake was and the show is starting at 10:30pm and it was 10:15pm and we still hadn't gotten the cake. So I was getting pretty upset when the manager, Damian brought out this beautiful glass centerpiece for the table, 6 special desserts for us to try, dessert wine, AND the cake I ordered for Kimberly. We really couldn't enjoy the desserts, but the manager did everything he could including walking us into "O" theatre right to our seats. After the show, we went back to Circo and got the cake and had a chance to enjoy it. It was nice to have a manager step up and make a mistake they made right. Thanks Bellagio. Thanks to Damian, we'll be back. I could discuss "O" here, but I'll save it for another time. It is probably one of the best shows I have ever seen, (Besides Cavalia!) Here are some photos from our trip.
Here is Kim and me at Freemont Street in front of the Casino. (Yes I was a blonde when I was young too.)Here is a great shot of the Bellagio as we drove up for a night of dining, gambling, and "O".

Kim not only gets her cake and tickets to "O", but every dessert the restaurant had! I love my sis!I couldn't pass up the chance to rent a new Chyrsler 300. I don't like domestic too well, but this car rocked. It has 491 miles on it when I got it and I put it to the test. It moves when you need it too and it is roomy and elegent. My husband Jamie doesn't get much face time since he is the one with the camera, directions, and has to keep us on the right track. I thought I would show him rubbing the "butt" at the Riviera for luck! Happy 21st Birthday Kimberly! karen

Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe