Saturday, January 08, 2011

the Walking Dead on AMC

For any Walking Dead fans, here is Tommie Turvey with his horse Blade and dog, Maverick. Blade was the unfortunate horse who Rick rode into Atlanta in the movie. Most people ask Tommie why Blade had to get eaten by Zombies instead of just running away. Most people look at us in shock and say "Blade got eaten? That's horrible." Well, he is alive and well and travelling the US with Tommie and Chantal right now. You may have seen him in the Rose Parade. He was Roman Riding Joker and Ace, Mike Loades from the history channel was riding Pokerjoe, Stuntman Blade Pocquett was riding Blade, and Sammi Hanratty from "the Greening of Whitney Brown" was riding Odd Job Bob (Of Course!). We also had Cinderella's carriage pulling a few VIP's. It was really an incredible experience. With all the tv coverage and media there it was a huge event. There was more coverage for this parade than the entire 2 weeks of the World Equestrian Games. Well, 2011 and we are off to a flying start! Keep checking our website for the show schedule. Tommie will be EVERYWHERE in 2011. Ride Fast... Take Chances!     karen

Tommie Turvey Roman Rides down Colorado Ave with his Paint horses, Joker and Ace followed by his horses, Blade and Pokerjoe with Special Guest horse, Gypsy Vanner "Odd Job Bob"

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Tommie Turvey performs with Pokerjoe