Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wow. It has been since May that I posted last? Where has the time gone? I guess having a new born and another on the way has a way of stealing your time away. Just to update everyone, we are loving Florida, even the hottest week here is better than coldest hour in Illinois. I am so very happy.
Tommie has been busy working on movie projects, talking with sponsors, and planning our 2012 attack that barely a moment goes by without us on the phone, taking care of the horses, or at the computer. I have the 20/20 rule. 20 mins work, 20 mins with the baby, and repeat. The baby loves going to the barn with us. She is just enthralled with horses and dogs.

Here is a great shot of Tommie and Ace. This was taken by Steve Priest photography. He is good friend of Tommie's and takes incredible photos. Tommie and Chantal have been on the go putting together training programs, clinics, and productions. It's crazy with all the things going on, but it's just another day with Tommie. You really have to work extra hard if you want a life with horses. The time and expense is the most inhibiting, but we have a lot of great things going. Since we've been down here in Florida we've found that the hay is not the best. We give our horses all the hay they can eat, but they still were not getting the nutrition they needed, so we started to add feed to the their diet. The Ultium by Purina has really helped them get back on track. They look great and feel great. With Ultium you don't feed as much either, so you save on expense. Up north we hardly grained at all, in Florida we add it to all the horses diets and thanks to Purina, we know they are getting what they need. Want to see the difference for yourself? Do the Purina 60 Day Challange.
Don't forget, "the Greening of Whitney Brown" will be out 11/11/11 and on DVD in December. It will make a great gift! We are looking for more horse movies like this to be made. We really need to do a remake or similar of the "Black Stallion". Where the horse is the main character in the movie. Go to for the trailer or our youtube page.

I gotta run, the horses and baby is calling! Ride Fast... Take Chances!  karen

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